The Absurdity of a Primary in its Death Throes

Chronicling all of the inane chatter that has come to pass in the Democratic primary would be an overly long and ultimately unsatisfying endeavor. I consider myself about as devoted a political junkie as one can get, the kind of addict that thrives on poll numbers and stupid stories that have the potential of butterfly affecting a candidate straight out of a race, and even I find myself turned off by how ridiculous this contest gets at times.

That is kind of how I view this Telegraph article.

Political prognostication can use some strange sources at times, I’ll admit. Seemingly inconsequential events can change the state of a race in a heartbeat, but sometimes, every great once in a while, people just kind of slip up when they talk.

Which is where we’re at with this article here. You see, the Telegraph insists that Clinton just signaled to the whole world that she’s ready to drop out. This because she referred to the next president as “he.”

You betcha; a single pronoun is irrefutable proof that Hillary Clinton is no longer intending to stay in the race. Don’t get me wrong, I’m of the mind that she knows she’s not going to win barring a connected Hail Mary pass thrown from the parking lot, but she’s playing it to stay in it, and there’s no reason to imagine that this little slip of the tongue is any kind of indicator of anything.

Seriously, one negative impact that this race has had has been to force every journalist, professional or citizen, every blogger and columnist, and every pundit, to have their sensitivity knobs cranked up past eleven and straight to the setting on the dial with a big skull and crossbones on it.

It was a slip of the tongue, no more, no less.

As a point of grammar, and I realize that I’m not the guy to be talking about grammar, but I vaguely remember being taught in school that “he or she” as a more politically correct replacement of using one pronoun or another is actually grammatically incorrect. Right or wrong, people do this all the time considering that there is not really a neutral pronoun for people.

But bringing things back to the odd sphere of relevance that we are working with here, Clinton used the wrong pronoun. I think the most anyone can read into this with any kind of intellectual honesty is to say that the usage of the male pronoun was perhaps a Freudian slip that perhaps denotes a lack of confidence that Senator Clinton may have in her chances, and given the way this primary has turned out for her, who could blame her.

It is also equally plausible that she actually did misspeak this time around.

3 Responses to “The Absurdity of a Primary in its Death Throes”

  1. Debbie says:

    Kind of tough to get up every morning when it seems as if half the world (including your fellow democrats) want you to stay in bed.

    Real change will only happen with a woman.

    Does anyone have any insight into the allegations and lawsuit filed by Larry Sinclair? If there is a hint of truth in it, the voters need to know.

  2. Yashmak says:

    “Real change will only happen with a woman.”

    That’s an awfully sexist thing to say. Somewhat naiive as well, failing to question the nature of the ‘change’. You know, change can be bad or good. Campaigning on the platform of ‘change’ with nary a thought as to the benefits or lack thereof of the ‘changes’ that are never even defined in the first place is ridiculous, but it’s what we’ve gotten from both Democratic candidates in this primary season so far.

  3. horrified says:

    To Debbie:

    “Real change will only happen with a woman”? Wow…that was sexist. If a guy posted a comment like “Real change will only happen with a man,” he would be skewered by 500 women’s rights activists. It’s a wonderful double standard we live in where women can get away with saying any sexist thing they damn well please.

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