The Money Machine Continues

It is interesting to note that even when Obama’s money machine is on the wane, it is still the mightiest beast in the field.

This coming from the April numbers which report that Obama has raised $31 million, well over ninety percent of which is useable for the Democratic primary.  More amazing than the haul is the fact that this is the worst Obama has pulled in over the past three months.

By contrast, John McCain had his best month in April, but with only $18 million coming in, that is just barely over half of Obama’s April total.

McCain’s fundraising is a post unified party number; it may continue to go up, but for the most part, this is what his numbers are looking like after the party has coalesced behind the nominee.  Obama is still raising his numbers from a divided party.

Just wait until the party unifies.

More remarkable is that Obama continues to collect his donations in the form of small donors.  Joe Sudbay has a good breakdown, but the two numbers that really jump out at me are that 94% of donations were under $200, while 52% were under $25.

To put that in perspective, nearly all of the donations that helped Team Obama reach 31 mil in April were less than what my family pays for gas in a couple of weeks, and over half of the donations were less than a trip to the movies.

Small sum donors, you got to love ’em.

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