The New Line

For all the antagonizing I have done against the Clinton camp, I have been particularly good about not going so far into the deep end where I say, “That’s it, I will vote for John McCain if she is the nominee.”  For the most part, it’s easy to get excited over the day to day news going on in the Democratic primary, and so I don’t want to get myself in a boat that later I’ll want to bail out of.

But with this taken into consideration, there is a new line in the sand.

That said, I will still not vote for John McCain, but should Hillary really go through with this, I will have an incredibly difficult time casting my vote for her.  I touched on this briefly earlier in the evening when I was discussing polls, but I wanted to revisit the topic.

The new line in the sand, and the final line, is whether or not Clinton manipulates the Rules and Bylaws committee to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations as is.

I’ve expressed my opinions over and over again on Michigan and Florida in the past, so I won’t go heavily into it other than to say that essentially it’s cheating.  Everyone agreed they weren’t in play, if she wanted to make a deal out of it, she could have protested from the beginning, but at this point, she simply looks like a cheater trying to change the rules now at the end of the game where she appears to be losing.

What is important for me is simply that, if she does this, she can no longer count on my vote in November.  That’s not to say that she wouldn’t have a chance of winning me back, but she would have to do so on ideological terms at that point, and she can’t even do that now in primary season where I represent at least part of her base.

I find it highly unlikely for her to woo me effectively when she “runs to the center” for the General Election.

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