The Return of the Friday Blogroll Roll Call!

Well, as promised, and partly because I’m feeling as though the weekend’s already here and am effectively performing the blogger equivalent of sliding out the side door at 4:30pm, it’s time for a weekly Friday Blogroll Roll Call!

It’s a pretty exciting roll call as we have three new additions to our roll, but before I get to that, here comes the requisite explanation on how this works.

Every week, we open our blogroll to anyone who wants to be a part of it, all we ask is that you put us on your blogroll and we’ll reciprocate the favor. You can let me know in the comments section below, or you can send us an email at either my email address or the site’s email address, both of which are provided in the contact us tab above.

Not only will you be on our esteemed blogroll, but you’ll also be highlighted in the following week’s Roll Call, which is the what we’re going to do right now.

As I’ve said, we have three new sites to showcase, and the first one I’m actually kind of feeling guilty about. I have come to rely upon American Torture author, Mike Otterman and his blog as a valuable resource on the topic of, you guessed it, American Torture. And he’s been kind enough to have us on his blogroll for some time. Imagine my horror when I realized that WE NEVER RETURNED THE FAVOR!

I’m really sorry about that Mike, and while this may be, I don’t know, what, a year late, I finally got there man!

I told you guys this wasn’t my best trait as a blogger…

Ahem, so, the first blog we welcome to our blogroll is the American Torture blog where Otterman and a bevy of other excellent authors really home in on the torture issue. The featured post? Well, think about using a turban or a burqa as a hooding device. For many of us we may shrug our shoulders, but Mike puts things into a perspective that might make you think twice.

The next addition is kind of a risky addition that I put up due to an emailed request. The site is To The Center, and to be honest, I kinda like centrist/moderate sites; The Moderate Voice has slowly become one of my favorites. Now, I’m not going to just dive in with both feet, and instead am going to put it up to you guys and let you weigh in on it for me. That they don’t have a blogroll sort of bothers me (I was told they would be starting one), but well, I said I was going to let you guys pass judgment on it, does To The Center stay or go?

The last blog that has been added also comes from an email request, but I have no problems solidifying Donkey Dish to the roll at all. There’s plenty of good stuff going on over there, and from a quick skim it seems to be friendly to both Clinton and Obama Democrats, but being I’m of the latter, I just had to throw the spotlight on this post. Yeah, so Barry can’t bowl, I’d like to see McCain or Clinton hang with him on the courts though (I had heard he liked to play some ball, but he actually looks to have some skill. Not that I’m a great judge of skill considering that I have the athletic capabilities of a salted slug but… well… okay, I’m moving on).

And that’s about all I got say about that. If I don’t make it back here today, I’ll see everyone Sunday night.

Have a great weekend.

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