Through The Shrillness

Corrente is another blog that has become virtually unreadable as of late, however there is a glimmer of hope.  Hypnot posts what strikes me as one of the sanest blog posts about the coming end of the Democratic party, though the mastication in the comments section has already begun.


4 Responses to “Through The Shrillness”

  1. vastleft says:

    I’ll henceforth attempt to become as readable as Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, etc., starting now…

    “Hitlery Kkklanton will do anything to destroy the party, including urging copycat assassins to murder Obama (though, of course, she’s planning to do it herself — she killed Vince Foster, didn’t she?). She’s Karl Rove in a pantsuit, except she’s more of a Republican. She’s also Glenn Close in ‘Fatal Attraction.’

    Obama is teh awesum. Anyone who doesn’t see that is an uncreative Bubba who hates hope and ponies. His racism smears of the Clintons are of no consequence, especially not in comparison to those unconscionable ‘3AM’ ads.”

    Thanks for getting me to back away from the brink! Feels good to be part of the herd! I do hope Lambert will get with the program and be saved while there’s still time!

  2. Sorry we’re not meeting your expectations. Then again, as is well known, Hillary supporters are racists, and Hillary wants to have Obama shot. That is what passes for “readability” these days. Good luck with that.

  3. Macswain says:

    Huh? To the commenters above, please, put aside the bizarre persecution complexes. Chill out. There are bigger issues facing this country than your distorted and hurt sense of pride. I’ve had to compromise my whole life and voted for candidates who were far less liberal than I (e.g. Bill Clinton) because – as the last 7 years has demonstrated – the Republican option is disastrous for this country and the world. I will again compromise and support the Democratic candidate this year.

    Paul Lukasiak (a commenter to the Hypnot post) – whoever that is – should be roundly criticized by all principled liberals or progressives for suggesting McCain would be a better president than Obama. The fact that Clinton blogs, supporters, etc. seem reluctant to criticize such rhetoric causes me great consternation and disappointment.

  4. vastleft says:

    “great consternation and disappointment”

    I have come to know the feeling well.

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