Treat Children Like People, But Remember, They’re Only Human

Kathryn Jean Lopez on abstinence programs:

I’m a big fan of programs that treat children like people, not animals. Programs that operate under the assumption that if you love them enough to challenge them, they often won’t disappoint you. That even if they do, you’ve planted seeds and given them a compass that will flourish, or at least help, when they need it most. Yes, some teenagers will have sex. They’re human like everyone else — only with overactive hormones. ….

Care to run that one by us again, Kathryn?

One Response to “Treat Children Like People, But Remember, They’re Only Human”

  1. Chief says:

    Ms. Lopez obviously does not know her history. Sex and the human animal have been going on for . . . Well a long, long time.

    I can remember working on some genealogy stuff with Mrs. Chief some time back. In the 1880 census it listed this particular family’s children’s ages and the girl was six years old. In the 1890 census she was eighteen years old and married and had a baby.

    But, when talking about raising children in general, if the parents set the right example, eventually those children will be productive adults.

    My second oldest daughter was pregnant at 14. She graduated from high school with her class with Mrs. Chief baby sitting. In her early 30s she graduated from college and became a Registered Nurse.

    Ms. Lopez seems to be more interested in name dropping (Bill Bennett on the dance floor) than in real world child raising.

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