Two Oregon SD’s For Obama

And the long, slow, slog towards the end of this primary continues.

Obama inches ever closer to the nomination with two more Super Delegate pick ups out of Oregon today.  One comes in the form of Wane Kinney:

It’s going to be a really good year for Democrats. Oregon Democrats will be right in the thick of it. We have Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton to thank for that. They have run hard in the longest, toughest presidential contest Democrats have ever seen. There is no other Democratic presidential primary contest that even compares with this one.

Senator Obama wasn’t supposed to be able to get this far. One member of Congress from Illinois said that for Sen. Obama to win the nomination, he’d have to be perfect. He’s been pretty damned good. The fact that this nomination is still inches from being decided is a testament to the abilities of both Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton.

While there are a few primaries left to go, it’s now over for Oregon. Sen. Obama won our state by almost 18 points. He is very close to winning a majority of the delegates he needs to be our nominee for President.

But there should be more to my decision than that. After all, we automatic, “super” delegates are not automatons. We are not here to ratify. We’re expected to use our judgment. Here’s mine: After watching Sen. Obama for more than a year, it’s clear that he offers an ability to lead and inspire that’s been sorely lacking in this country.

Senator Obama will win our nomination, and will be our President. It felt good to write that sentence.

Yes, Mr. Kinney, that is a great sentence to write.

Earlier today, while I was battling the beurocracies of my own employment, and later, sleeping, Meredith Wood also came out in support of Barack Obama.  Her statement was far more detailed as to why she chose Obama over Clinton:

I have decided to support Sen. Barack Obama.

Why Obama? Because he received the majority of the votes in the Oregon primary, and he demonstrates the leadership needed to get us out of Iraq, restore our economy, begin the tough job of providing health care for all Americans and, most of all, heal the divisions in our nation. His commitment to grass-roots organizing, similar to Howard Dean’s “Fifty State Strategy,” will help Democrats win our down-ticket races. His deep understanding of our Constitution ensures that he will appoint judges, to both the Supreme Court and lower federal courts, who will truly defend our constitutional rights and freedoms.

In 1960, I was too young to vote, but I was so inspired by John F. Kennedy that I worked on his campaign and continue to be motivated by his legacy of social and civic responsibility. He is one of the reasons I became chairwoman of Oregon’s Democratic Party. I believe that Obama is providing that same inspiration for our next generation of leaders.

Finally, the contrast between Obama and Sen. John McCain could not be clearer. On bringing troops home from Iraq. On commitment to our Constitution. On telling the American people the truth. Obama has the ability to build — not just talk about — a governing majority to actually solve the major challenges facing America.

Clearly, Meredith Wood is a traitor to her gender who is only trying to push Hillary out for purely misogyny based motives.


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