Why? It Didn’t Help McCain Any

The RNC has decided to take Obama to task for not learning about our little country of occupation first hand.  Because Obama’s gone over two years without visiting Iraq, the GOP are siezing upon that fact to try and humiliate him on foreign policy.

My question: Why?  It’s not like visiting Iraq has made John McCain much of an expert on our presence in the Middle East.

Yeah, I’ll give the Republicans credit where credit is due; this is a good gotcha for them.  Take your points.  Except, John McCain has visited Iraq much more recently than the 841 days or whatever that the RNC is taking Obama to task for, and he still doesn’t know anything about the country or the region.

Remember, this is a guy who only just got beat out for the naming of the “Friedman Unit.”  Yup, for the past six years McCain was right out there on the frontline saying victory was just around the corner.  Only when Bush’s handling of the war became so terribly obvious that you couldn’t be technically conscious and ignore it at the same time did McCain finally admit that the president mismanaged the war, but he still saw impending victory within the next… well, you know the time span by  now.

He’s also the same guy whose “crystal ball” tells him that Iraq will be rainbows and roses in 2013.  He doesn’t bother to mention how we get there; no military analysis, no socio-economic analysis, no analysis whatsoever, but then again, if he is using a crystal ball, I’m sure he has a pretty potent magic wand as well.

And let’s not forget that this is a guy who STILL can’t manage to get Shia, Sunni, al Qaeda and all the rest of the players in Iraq straight to save his life.  I mean, I figure that that is a pretty important part of understanding what is going on in Iraq and combating al Qaeda isn’t it?  Perhaps just knowing whether or not al Qaeda is Sunni or Shia would be a tiny bit helpful.

Yes, McCain’s been to Iraq more recently than Obama, but even some of those trips turned out to be something of an embarrassment.

All of which begs the very simple question; why is McCain still so stupid on Iraq when he’s spent so much time there?  Is he incapable of learning?  Is he just grossly incompetent like the current sitting president whom he seems so desperate to emulate?

Definitely food for thought.

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