You know, I was just thinking that America is entering a post-racist future…

Here’s a screenshot of No Quarter’s front page as of this minute:













It’s nice to see that SusanUnPC has gone from simply quoting racists to making her own racist diatribes — at least her honesty is improving!  As a reward, somebody should send her one of the Obama/monkey shirts for sale in Georgia.*  And as we all know, RedState wouldn’t see any of this as an example of racism.  Heavens forbid if the press publishes an article about it though, because that demeans the all the good (white) citizens of this country! 

Yes folks, put those nooses back in your closet — the post-racial America is here!  Can you feel the love? 

* – While we’re on the topic of Georgia and I’m posting pictures, I went on a roadtrip last spring and drove through the state.  In lieu of the interstate, I decided to travel down the federal and state routes to get to see the Georgian countryside.  Here’s one picture I snapped during this trip:

I don’t think I need to post much commentary to explain this one.  But I will note that the flag on the right is the old state flag of Georgia — with one with the Confederate cross on it.  As I drove through Georgia, I noticed that the old state flag was far more prevalently displayed than the new state flag, and I saw it almost as often as the American flag.  

Somebody tell the braintrust at RedState about this, kay? 

4 Responses to “You know, I was just thinking that America is entering a post-racist future…”

  1. Man, the next five months will test my sanity. Ugh.

  2. tas says:

    You’ve kept your sanity thus far? I’m already toast. I predict the next 5 months will be an alcohol-fueled bender, with a nasty hang over in December. Or if McCain wins, I’ll just start jugging gin like it’s gatorade until my liver jumps out of my body and I bleed to death.

  3. Ha! Well, you could always jump the border and join me in Canuckistan.

  4. Bostondreams says:

    SusanUnPC is so unhinged that the screen door doesn’t just swing loose; it freaking fell off.

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