A Day to Air Grievances

While the Democratic nomination race may have ended on Tuesday, for many people who have poured their heart, soul, and dollars into this election, closure will not come until tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s events, however, cannot heal all wounds.

It’s Friday morning, and, as many know, this is about when I throw up my last post of the week, and go off to spend some time with my family.  This week will be no different, but before I go, I wanted to perhaps offer a suggestion.

While the state of fracture within the Democratic party is debatable, the fact that many on both sides of the Obama/Clinton battle have been wounded is not.  It’s been a long and hard fought campaign, and former allies have been ruthless in going after each other.

But this is just the beginning in the journey to reclaim our country and our constitution, and we must be at our very best in order to make that happen.  Still, at this juncture, there are many on both sides that do not necessarily feel a stirring call to unity.

When I was in the military, especially on the long six month cruise thousands of miles away from family and home, my division would often come to such loggerheads.  The personal tensions would sometimes drive us to the brink of madness, and we would come to hate each other so much that it made just doing our jobs difficult.

When such times arose, usually someone would have the wisdom to intervene.  Typically, that intervention came in the form of us all marching up to a space, locking the door, and screaming at each other until we had nothing left.  We never threw punches, but outside of that, we didn’t hold back.  We aired out all our grievances, and when it was done, sure, there were still problems left unsolved, but somehow, perhaps from the catharsis, perhaps from knowing exactly where everyone stood with each other, those sessions allowed us to put away the rising tensions and come back together like a team.

For all my friends, and for the foes of the past five months, I propose today be our day to air grievances against each other.  I say that instead of letting our tensions trickle on throughout the coming weeks, we scream them out now as loud as we can.

And then be done with it.

No, this won’t heal everything, and for many supporters, nothing will replace the healing effects of time, and I respect that.  But I would like to see today be the last day where we do each other harm, if possible.

Let’s get it all out in the open now, let’s get it off our chest, and let’s get it over with.  Then, hopefully, tomorrow we can gain the closure we need from Hillary’s announcement, and Monday, when most of us come back to this campaign, we can start to come together for the greater task of winning the White House.

I’ve extended this offer first to my co-bloggers here, and then to some other bloggers I know.  For any blogger out there that wishes to take part, I welcome, and if you leave us an email or a comment, I’ll try and update and link your way.

Me, I’ve made peace with my grievances, but I know many of you haven’t.

So, for our readers, I offer the comments to this post as a forum.  Every grievance you have, air it out.

I only have a few guidelines.  Sexist and racist language will not be tolerated.  And when I mean this is an open forum, I do not mean this is fight club.  No arguing, and no rebutting.  I don’t offer this forum to engage a dialogue, I offer it for cathartic purposes; there’s no use in digging at old wounds.

Respect what each other has to say, and let them say it.

And when I come back Monday, know that I have no interest in maligning or combatting either Hillary or her supporters.  From Monday on, it’s all about lifting Obama up, and tearing McCain down, and winning the White House and increased majorities in congress.


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