ABC Gets Denied

If McCain and Obama really are going to launch an exhaustive schedule of nearly a dozen debates (before the conventions!!!), at least it looks as though they are going to back away from letting one network decide their fate in a ninety minute time slot.

According to CNN, ABC offered to moderate and air the first of what may be a long series of townhalls/debates, and both campaigns have declined.  This is not, mind you, an attempt on either candidate’s part to back down from the high-minded Lincoln-Douglas debates talk, but more a move that would see to it that said debates would be broadly covered.

On this specific issue, I’m glad.  I am forced to watch all of the debates online via livestream, and to be honest, not all networks’ feeds were created equal. Especially when ye’re talking about using my work connection which is outright dreadful.

But on the topic of debates in general, all I have to say is; ten?  Really?  Is that altogether necessary?

After covering the Democratic primary and at least two dozen debates, I have to say that after the first, three or four, you got it pretty much covered.  There’s not much more that anyone has to say about that.  Of course, there is, but not anything that’s going to fit into anything remotely akin to the kind of debate format that the two campaigns are likely to agree upon.

And believe me, I’m more than skeptical regarding these townhalls/debates.  Aaron Sorkin is not writing this presidential election, I know, if he was, Obama would have skyrocketed in the polls after his race in America speech, there would have been one more episode covering the Democratic primaries, and we would already be at the convetions by now.

Or something like that.

Needless to say, I find little to thrill me about such a debate schedule.  Not as though debates really matter all that much; again, if they did, after the first debate in 2004, America would have realized ‘Holy Crap!  That is what’s been running for the past four years?’ and you would have seen a dramatic shift in the polls.  So one has to wonder at the significance of even a catastrophic debate performance on election day.

On the upside for whichever candidate you are backing, after ten debates, by the time we reach the last few, people will have been largely desensitized to the things, and it’s my opinion that the candidates could go out on stage wearing chicken outfits and read Tolstoy at each other and it would have roughly the same effect as if they decided to debate the issues.

Though, they would probably net better ratings.

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  1. wait…

    wait wait wait

    I got this one…

  2. There…

    double memeo coverage. Wassup?

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