Beyond Unacceptable (UPDATED)

For some reason, I simply didn’t see this coming.  Maybe I should have, but not being much of a watcher of Fox News, my understanding of the channel was that its success as a catapult for right wing narratives stems from it’s veneer of respectability.

Again, forgive me for being wrong, I don’t actually watch the thing.

Blatant or not, veneer of respectability or not, if one can’t ask Fox to at least try and hold true to its tag line of “Fair and Balanced”, one could at least ask them to respect basic human decency, right?  I mean, not all conservatives have souls blacker than the unlit chasms of Hell–sure, some are straight up asses, but some are decent people.  Is it too much to ask to put the decent people in charge of the show?

I guess it is considering the fact that when referring to a prospective First Lady, they don’t refer to her as Mrs. Obama, or Michelle Obama.  No, they manage to perform an almost balletic combination of racism and sexism in three words; “Obama’s Baby Mama!”

Because, as all white Republicans know far too well, being a black female means that you are a single mom who adheres strictly to colloquial language.

To call this an outrage would be to serve a grave injustice to the level of the transgression.  Not only is this a blatantly racially charged employed by a well known “news” organization, not only does this, as Oliver points out, negate the actual status of the Obama family, not only does this undermine the fact that Michelle is not just some black mother, but also an accomplished and educated attorney, but it is all of these things and more in the midst of a presidential election.

It is at its heart the most sinister of racial acts for we are talking about an influential outlet whose language would most definitely be used to judge the character of the Obama’s not on the content of their character but on the color of their skin and the woeful stereotypes attached to that color.

Don’t like Obama, that’s fine.  Many don’t.  But if that’s the case, than beat him on substance, hell, beat him on style, but to engage in petty, asinine behavior like this is simply sad and far beyond acceptable.  There’s no excuse for behavior such as this, regardless of which candidate you prefer.

Her name is Michelle Obama, and she is not an anonymous black woman out of racist central casting, and I would very much appreciate if everyone started recognizing this.


Echidne of the Snakes provides a definition which explains how brutally sexist this term is.

And a moment of sharp edged levity from Pam’s House Blend:

UPDATE II: Mahablog has the actual video.  I haven’t watched the video, but oh the irony.

Megan: Okay so that’s the question. John Kerry’s predicting that if the Republicans decide to make Michelle an issue, with that comment or any other, that they do so at their own peril.  That this will come back to haunt them, what say you?

Michelle: I think that’s nonsense.  I think as long as conservatives and critics of Michelle Obama and by the way, it’s not just Republicans who are criticizing some of her comments, but um, the also statements that have been made in the left leaning blog sl…Salon. Uh.  About her comments.  So long as you stick to the substance of what she is saying, and challenging her policy pronouncements and things that she says on the campaign trail publicly on behalf of her husband, it’s all fair game, it’s all fair, there’s nothing brutal about it and I don’t think there would be any backlash.

This is what she says while “Obama’s Baby Mama” scrolls underneath her.

Stay classy guys.

Stay classy.

4 Responses to “Beyond Unacceptable (UPDATED)”

  1. Preyanka says:

    I hear ya. I think they find it harder to demonize Barack, so they pour it on Michelle. I just think we have to focus on the positives and realize that they are desperate. They are. And it only get worse. Fox News is not news. They are trash.

  2. I’ve had a post simmering in my head for a while about that. As much as some of the bitter ender Clinton supporters may hate it, I happen to see a lot of Hillary Clinton in Michelle Obama; successful, accomplished, strong, and not afraid to speak her mind.

    When you compare our future First Lady, and the last Democratic First Lady, and you compare those to the recent First Ladies of the Republican administrations, and you see very different pictures. In the end, I think someone like Michelle, someone who is engaging and female, and challenging to a male dominated culture, I think that is threatening to a lot of people.

  3. Kevin K. says:

    “I happen to see a lot of Hillary Clinton in Michelle Obama”

    And the sounds of heads exploding were heard throughout the land.

  4. DrGail says:

    Hey, they managed to get a twofer here — sexist and racist. Maybe they can bill themselves as the Equal Opportunity Network. (Sounds of heads exploding,)

    On a related note, I caught an item on CNN about Michelle Obama being “fair game” in the election — of course the two folks they interviewed about it were both Republican strategists — and there was absolutely no mention of Cindy McCain (except to air her comment dissing Michelle). Interestingly, these strategists were laying the groundwork that it’s okay to go after Michelle because there’s just so little known about Barack. This of course makes Cindy off-limits since we all know McCain is a maverick from way back, or something.

    This isn’t going to be pretty, folks. I just hope people can see through all this when they make their decision on Election Day.


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