Bobby Jindal: My Choice For McCain’s Running Mate

Seriously, this guy’s awesome!

I don’t watch the Sunday chats; weekends, as many of you know, specifically Sundays, are family days for me and the women in my life.  But I really need to start.

Apparently, on Face the Nation yesterday, Governor Jindal began to make a case that creationism or Intelligent Design should be taught alongside evolution in the classroom.  A case, might I add, that he makes using the same tired old arguments about letting people choose what they believe.

Of course, the tired old counter argument is that it’s not a matter of choosing what one wants to believe, it’s a matter of different disciplines of knowledge.  Science is a specific discipline with rules, one in which neither creationism nor Intelligent Design can fit.  But that wasn’t my initial reaction.

No, my initial reaction was of course he’s pumping creationism; he presided over an exorcism for pity’s sake.  No luck in finding a friend of evolution there, right?


But here’s where the big twist comes in.  Personally, I have issues with Catholics, just as I have issues with just about any church out there, but I give Catholics a lot of credit.  For instance, when Catholics say they are pro-life, they arent kidding around.  That’s a cradle to grave statement for them (unlike a lot of other pro-lifers out there who are only really concerned with what happens up until birth… ahem); no abortions, no death penalties.

They’re also the home of the Societyof Jesus; the Jesuits being quite well known for their work in higher education.

In fact, a quick double check showed that Catholicism is not exactly big on the whole Intelligent Design thing, and, like many of us liberals, does not believe that the debate is about who’s right and who’s wrong, but instead about the fact that science is science, and religion is religion.

Yup, it was the late Pope John Paul II that said that, “new scientific knowledge has led us to the conclusion that the theory of evolution is no longer a mere hypothesis.”

In other words, non-Catholics may be all about blurring the line between science and religion, but not Catholics.  ID is good enough for the John Hagees of the world, but not necessarily for those who suckle at the teets of what he called the “Great Whore.”

Those like, well, Bobby Jindal.

Except he doesn’t, because if he did, it wouldn’t sell so well to the seven days crowd.  It wouldn’t sell nearly as well at all. 

One Response to “Bobby Jindal: My Choice For McCain’s Running Mate”

  1. gcotharn says:

    Most religious people believe species evolve. The question is: why? Are species designed to evolve? I think they are.

    The problem occurs when Evolution theorizes that life began with a random single cell. RANDOM SINGLE CELL is theory, not science. If a school is going to teach that bit of Evolution Theory, the school ought also teach the theory that life was designed by an intelligence. I think that is reasonable.

    You misappropriated the words of Pope John Paul II. The Pope did not believe life began with a random single cell.

    You mischaracterized Protestants. We are not “all about blurring the line between science and religion”. We love science. It’s partly why we delineate between science and theory.

    I read Jindal’s answer. “Governor Jindal began to make a case that creationism or Intelligent Design should be taught….” is a rhetorical overstatement. In the interview, Gov. Jindal was specifically asked about Evolution and Intelligent Design. He responded sensitively, thoughtfully, and moderately.

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