Enough Navel-Gazing, Already

Time for the media to get over themselves and start covering the news again:

I liked Tim Russert, even though I thought his BS gotcha nonsense was thorough idiocy and not helping the debate at all. He was a likable guy- friendly, always smiling. I understand it is a loss for the beltway folks, and he had a lot of really good friends and meant a lot to people, and I would be dishonest if I failed to mention that I feel sad by his passing.

MSNBC has been running nothing but a 5 hour (and presumably it will go until 11 pm or beyond) marathon of Russert remembrance. CNN has done their due diligence, and Fox news has spent at least the last half hour talking non-stop about him.
But let’s get something straight- what I am watching right now on the cable news shows is indicative of the problem- no clearer demonstration of the fact that they consider themselves to be players and the insiders and, well, part of the village, is needed. This is precisely the problem. They have walked the corridors of power so long that they honestly think they are the story. It is creepy and sick and the reason politicians get away with all the crap they get away with these days.

Tim Russert was a newsman. He was not the Pope. This is not the JFK assassination, or Reagan’s death, or the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. A newsman died. We know you miss him, but please shut up and get back to work.

The man has a point.

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All, via Memeorandum.

2 Responses to “Enough Navel-Gazing, Already”

  1. I actually think that is one of the more obnoxious pieces I have ever read. Is John Cole (and don’t get me wrong I like and respect him) really think that what he “thinks” regarding the coverage of Tim Russert means anything. No offense to Cole but Russert impacted politics and the way it was covered more then any of us could dream of, and yes that includes Cole as well.

    When I first read the excerpt I thought hmmm, is this a Malkin post? No, the grammar was too advanced for our good friend Michelle, then I though it must be Hugh Hewitt, or maybe even Christopher Hitchen’s – again, wrong, and wrong. I finally hit the link and I see it’s John Cole – and all I can say is – “tacky, very tacky.”

    Does he have a point? I suppose, I have heard a lot of people make arguments that were ethically bastardized in my time, and this one’s right up there with the best of em.

    You don’t like it? Fine, don’t watch it – But realize that when it comes to the passing of a man who was as well liked and respected as Russert was, a million John Cole’s “I’m over it” pieces such as this one will not change a thing.

  2. terry says:

    Bloggers just love to “hear themselves talk”. In some cases, like Tim Russert’s death, it would be nice if they would just be quiet.

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