Get Off My Lawn (Episode 26): The Freudian

Recent developments in the presidential election have taken a potentially catastrophic turn.  In a move that shows confidence that McCain feels he can do well without the considerable beer drinker’s vote in this country, the Republican candidate has vowed that he will start vetoing beer.

It’s a bold move that may attract “wine track” voters, but would do so at the cost of the wide swath of those voters (like myself) who prefer beer.

Is McCain out of touch?  Polls distinctly show that more people drink beer than wine as further evidenced by the fact that beer is sold by the keg, not wine.  Even if wine was sold by the keg, you don’t see hordes of teenagers manufacturing fake IDs so they can get said keg of wine.

The Alcohol is Alcohol Institute, a not for profit, non-partisan group dedicated to the concept that if it has alcohol in it, it gets you drunk, and that’s all you really need to know, has yet to make a statement.

It’s tough to understand why McCain would make such a comment.  Is he truly the Maverick many of us thought died when he met with the wrong side of Bush’s political machine back in 2000?  Or is this McCain’s push to the left?  Because, as we all know, liberals NEVER drink beer, unless of course they do it for image purposes so that they look like a different breed of liberal, tougher, hipper, less elitist.

Was it a slip of the tongue?  This to me seems the least likely, though there is some linguistic evidence to back it up.  Phonetically, “beer” and “bill” are very similar, and would be almost identical if spoken as cognates in languages that don’t have the “L” sound such as Japanese.  The problem with this logic, that the two words are so similar that an innocent slip of the tongue can occur, is that such a theory would rely upon phonetics and other cultures.

As we all know, Republicans believe in neither.

Of course, there’s the possibility that this is a slip of another variety.  You know the kind.  After seeing that Obama has solidified a strong lead in the daily trackers, it’s quite possible that McCain just really, really, really, wanted a beer.  He wanted it so much that it began taking over his vocal chords.

We’re lucking he just accidentally mentioned vetoing beers.  Had we let him stay on the mic another ten, twenty minutes, it could have gotten ugly.  BUT HEY!  BRIGHT SIDE FOR MCCAIN CAMP!

Throughout all of this, there is at least one way they can distance themselves from Bush; unlike Bush, McCain can drink!  Not sure that’s a good thing, but at least it’s a difference, and that’s worth thinkin’ about.


2 Responses to “Get Off My Lawn (Episode 26): The Freudian”

  1. terry says:

    The “Putin is President of Germany” slip I could forgive but vetoing beer?!?!

    There’s something very wrong here…

  2. No, this must not be forgiven!

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