Gordon Smith’s New Ad

Damn.  How did that get in there?

Okay, the real ad, via Politico:

Meanwhile, the rest of the Republican party is lining up behind Smith with bars of soap stuffed in old socks just WAITING for that guy to go to sleep.  He’s TOTALLY screwing up the whole Republican gameplan, that being to thrash Obama so bad that when people are surprised to see McCain on the ballot in the fall, they pick him–anything other than the Atheistic, Anti-God, Marxist, Communist, Free-Trader, Muslim, Black Liberation Theologist, Radical Christian, Manchurian Candidate.

Now, according to Ron Beasley over at the Newshoggers, this is a guy who’s about as neothugalicious as it gets, voting with bush at a rate of 98% (which beats McCain’s 95% record last year, but comes up just a little shy for the 1.000 that McCain is maintaining this year).


How undermining of a campaign is that when your campaign manager doesn’t want to be seen with you in one of his ads, but is all up on that Obama goodness?

Is the Republican brand hurting?  You could say that.

2 Responses to “Gordon Smith’s New Ad”

  1. bostondreams says:

    Heh. A good omen for Oregon, I think!

  2. Burr Deming says:

    In his I-stand-with-Obama ads, Senator Smith provides to us a barameter of sorts, a measure of how he and others believe the Presidential election will go.

    I’m inclined to think he is right.

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