Have a Good Weekend

And all you dads out there do something nice with your kids.  I don’t know what I’m doing with my daughters yet, but believe you me, it’s going to be me, my two girls, and a whole load of awesomeness.

But before then, I must cram for a biannual test I have to take in…


two hours.

This is why I’m so quiet right now.  Have a good weekend.

2 Responses to “Have a Good Weekend”

  1. Batocchio says:

    Good luck with the test, and have fun this weekend after that!

  2. Thanks! Test, the written part anyway, passed (or I likely passed it, it’s not graded yet). To be honest, I’ll be mildly shocked if I didn’t score a hundred percent on it; I damn near memorized the 130 page study guide for it.

    Now it’s all about the practical examination and my laboratory requals. The lab requals are easy because at least then you get a week and a half long refresher course. The practical, though, is going to be a pain in the ass considering I have to display the ability to do things I haven’t done in years.

    Well, assuming I make it through this gauntlet alright, I should be done with everything just in time for August when I can devote my full time to covering the election. Until then, I’m probably going to be flaking from time to time as I focus on, you know, the job that keeps the roof over my head and whatnot.

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