Here’s the Problem With Obama: He’s Ambitious and a Politician. We Can’t Have Someone Like That in the White House!

Have you ever read a book or seen a movie where the villain puts a gun to someone’s head and says to him, “Now do exactly as I tell you and everything will be all right,” and the guy does exactly as he’s told and gets killed anyway?


Well, that is precisely how I felt when I started reading the response from the far right and Clinton supporters to the news that Barack Obama resigned today from Trinity Church.

Here are a few examples, first one from Peter Wehner at The Corner:

Barack Obama’s resignation from Trinity United Church of Christ over, in part, “a cultural and a stylistic gap” raises additional doubts about him. The obvious question is what “cultural and stylistic gap” exists now that hasn’t existed during the last two decades, when Obama was a member of Trinity United and an intimate friend with its pastor, Jeremiah Wright Jr.? The answer, of course, is none. Trinity United and Jeremiah Wright are what they have always been; it is Obama — or more precisely, Obama’s political interests — that have changed.

It’s been just over two months since Obama’s Philadelphia speech on race — the one that was compared by the historian Garry Wills to Lincoln’s Cooper Union address. In that speech Obama famously said he could not more disown the Reverend Jeremiah Wright than he could disown the black community or his own grandmother and spoke about how Trinity United “embodies the black community in its entirely.”

Since that speech Wright has been tossed under the bus — and now, so has Trinity United.

Obama’s twenty-year participation at Trinity United and his close relationship with its senior pastor raised a lot of questions about Obama — both about his decision to associate himself with Trinity United and Wright in the first place and Obama’s tortured explanations since the public first learned of Wright’s anti-American tirades.

What Obama did today may have been politically necessary. It was certainly politically expedient. And it is yet one more blow to Obama’s image as a different kind of politician. In fact, as we’ve learned over the last few months, Obama appears to be a Chicago politician through and through. When he perceived a threat to his self-interest, he cut his ties to first his pastor and then his church, both of which he had expressed familial love and fidelity. This whole episode is deeply unattractive, even as it is deeply revealing.

Underneath the attractive veneer of Barack Obama beats the heart of a very, very ambitious man. Time will tell how problematic this may be and what snares this character trait may eventually lead him into.

And from Erick at Redstate:

CNN is reporting that Barack Obama is leaving Trinity United Church of Christ. It is a little late for that. He has been there for twenty years. Why is he leaving all of a sudden? Is it because there is another untold story out there? Does he suspect the media will stop covering his connections to Wright and Pfleger if he now throws the church under the bus? The way the media operates, he is probably right. But I suspect there is one more untold story out there about Obama, Wright, Pfleger, and Trinity.

Pamela Leavey, The Democratic Daily:

Timing is everything… Isn’t it. How curious that just a short time before the DNC Rules Committee made their final decision, the Obama campaign announced that the Obama’s were leaving the Trinity Church. Now, it could be just a coincidence that Obama decided to make this announcement tonight, but sensing an outcoming from the Rules Committee would dominate the news, one way or another, the Obama camp sure managed to play this one to the hilt.

Taylor Marsh:

Let’s just call it an inconvenient church.

Timing is everything, baby. Besides, let’s face it, he doesn’t need them anymore. He joined. Solidified his place in Illinois politics. Then shed it today like skin off a snake.

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes has the resignation letter Obama sent Trinity, and the Trinity pastor’s response.

I want to highlight this paragraph from the resignation letter:

We make this decision with sadness. Trinity was where I found Christ, where we were married and where our children were baptized. We have many friends among the 8,000 congregants who attend there and we are proud of the extraordinary good works the church continues to perform throughout the community to help the hungry, the homeless and people in need of medical care.

As soon as I saw that third sentence, the thought hit me. You know that resigning from Trinity is not going to be the end of this matter. I expect to see it inside of a week: ‘Obama admitted that many members of his former church are his personal friends. What do they think of Michael Pfleger? How long did they sit in the pews and listen to Jeremiah Wright? He may have left the church officially, but his heart is still there. What revelations of anti-white racism and foul anti-American hatred is still lurking among Obama’s close associates? Is he willing to cut his ties with these unsavory characters’?

It’s not just that the more concessions you make, the more they want. It’s that the concessions themselves, having been made, become the new reason for being under suspicion.

7 Responses to “Here’s the Problem With Obama: He’s Ambitious and a Politician. We Can’t Have Someone Like That in the White House!”

  1. CeeHussein says:

    Yeah. Timing is everything.

    Former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myer’s husband has a long and brutal piece in this month’s Vanity Fair about the post-presidential life of Bill Clinton. The most explosive part of it is that it alleges that Bill Clinton carried on an affair with Walter Mondale’s daughter while he was president.

    We need to put an end to their dreams once and for all.

  2. gcotharn says:

    The necessary concession is not leaving the church. The necessary concessions are

    1) rebuking the church, and
    2) repenting from your acceptance of it’s Marxist economics and it’s racist ideology.

    No one who endorses Black Liberation Theology can garner enough votes to be President … UNLESS they repent their misguided ways. Barack did not repent. He said TUCC deserves no criticism.

    Barack is in a crisis, yet he doesn’t seem to realize it. Many voters who previously did not believe TUCC was racist … will now (correctly) interpret Barack’s leaving as admission that the church espoused some racist ideology. These voters will wonder: Where is Barack’s admission of and apology for his bad judgement in staying 20 years? Barack is in crisis, and he appears blind to it.

  3. Some people are reaching the conclusion that if Barack’s belief system was not in line with the church he’s attended for 20 years and his spiritual advisors, then he would have quit this church years ago. My friend is a rabid Obama fan. She traveled an hour and then waited five hours in line to see him. She is a broken-glass Democrat. Today she expressed serious doubts about BHO. I was shocked.

  4. CtrlAltDel says:

    Did it every occur to anyone that Obama may have quit the church to distance himself from the recent gaffs that have been made by those in the pulpit and that it had nothing to do with ideology? Just because he belonged to TUCC didn’t mean that he completely agreed with every statement out of Wright’s mouth. Also, quitting the church doesn’t mean he is renouncing any of his beliefs. It is simply a smart way to distance himself from those people who intend to help him but end up damaging his image in the national media. You can still consider people to be family but not show up at the family reunions when they embarass you. What would you do if your friends and family were suddenly in the national spotlight? I’m sure that we all know of at least one person that we love dearly but whom we would tackle before we let them in front of a camera. Here’s another thought… Maybe he quit to take the pressure of being in the crosshairs of the national media off of the church members he knew for 20 years? Never thought about that, did we? By the way, I think I just heard the ultra-liberal Marxist talk about Jesus Christ. Apparently it doesn’t count unless you are talking to a VFW crowd over the age of 60 who thinks immigrants are taking all of the fruitpicking jobs Americans want, that freedom must be preserved at any price (unless of course it’s the freedom of gay people to marry), and who think Starbuck’s coffee is too strong.

  5. gcotharn says:


    The problem is: the founder of Black Liberation Theology, James Cone, named TUCC as the church which most embodies his BLT message. McClatchey News quotes Cone from the 1980s:

    “Together, black religion and Marxist philosophy may show us the way to build a completely new society.”

    and from April 2008:

    “I’m not a Marxist. . . . I’m a theologian, and I want to change society. I was searching for my way forward. I want a society in which people have the distribution of wealth, but I don’t know how quite to do that institutionally.”

    Here is Cone’s most famous quote:

    “Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community … Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.”

    Barack’s 20 years in the pews disqualifies him from garnering enough votes to become President – unless he 1) renounces BLT and TUCC, then 2) publicly repents from his bad judgment in belonging to a BLT church.

    Our nation is not about institutionally distributing wealth, and our nation is not about a “white enemy”. It’s unacceptable that Barack sat and listened to such pap for 20 years.

    BLT is – still is – THE theology of TUCC. Voters will not believe Barack was absent when BLT economics and politics and theology was preached. I don’t believe it. I believe Barack was attracted to TUCC because of BLT – as evidenced by his citation (in his book: Dreams of My Father) of this Jeremiah Wright quote as being part of what originally attracted him to TUCC:

    “White folks greed runs a world in need.”

    I’m uncertain if Christian theology, in and of itself, would’ve had enough appeal to attract Barack. I think Barack was attracted by BLT’s combination of wealth redistribution economics, racial politics, and Christian theology.

    I feel for you, b/c this is bad news and you likely have wonderful hopes for Barack. The good news is: Americans love a sinner who confesses. If Barack repents for sitting in those pews, America might love him even more for undertaking such a humble and sincere act. My gut tells me it would save his candidacy.

  6. CtrlAltDel says:

    No offense but pleeeeeease don’t patronize me with that “feel for you” stuff. I’m a counselor and most teenagers would laugh in your face for saying that. While I don’t believe in Black liberation theology or liberation theology at all, I also do not believe that the Bible endorses a lot of views that the Christian right seems to think it does. I’m an ex-conservative and ex-fundamentalist (not saying that you are) and I think that more harm has been done by the Trojan Horse of “compassionate conservatism” than by any remote threat of BLT. The wealthy have duped the well-intentioned people of the religious right for years with the remote and unattainable promise of repealing Roe vs. Wade, a decision that, if it were reversed tomorrow, could easily be reestablished the next time that the Supreme Court changes. As judged by the Bush administration, compassionate conservatism has proven to be wastful (Iraq) and indifferent (Katrina). I am less worried about Black Panthers storming the Capitol then I am about more and more money going to professional murderers inhabiting the ranks of Blackwater and a war that shows no true progress (check the McClatchy daily updates to see how much violence is really going on). I must admit that, judging by your facts, I find it puzzling that he would attend such a church. After all, doesn’t he have a white mother? I will look into it myself. Thank you for using facts that made me think. Very few people do. Also, if you want some good facts, check out David Cay Johnston’s book “Free Lunch” and you will see where I’m coming from.

  7. gcotharn says:

    Well, I’m syrupy enough to support Barack’s defeat, yet to still have concern for the feelings of those who fervently support his election – such as the girl who wrote this post: Kathy.

    The behavior of November voters regarding the TUCC kerfluffle will be interesting.

    The Racial Hatred Thing
    You believe TUCC kerfluffle is about voters’ concerns about racism (or racial revolution?). I think you are correct about some smallish yet definite number of voters. For myself: I doubt Barack has racial hatred in his heart.

    The Racial Assumption Thing
    Does Barack have ludicrous, BLT-influenced racial assumption running around in the nooks and crannies of his thinking? I would have more confidence if Barack renounced the racial assumptions of both BLT and TUCC, then asked forgiveness for having the bad judgment to sit in a church preaching a BLT racial message.

    The Judgment Thing
    B/C Barack – through no fault of his own – has a thin resume by which voters can judge him: the judgment thing is big with him. Voters are looking for evidence of his good judgment. Barack’s having sat in TUCC pews, and listened to racially tinged BLT sermons, definitely hurts him with voters. Of the several factors in this kerfluffle, the judgment thing is the biggest negative Barack faces.

    The Repentance Thing
    The good news, imo: Americans love a repentant sinner! If Barack has the good judgment to admit he had bad judgment: Americans will love him for it! I think TUCC is both a crisis and an opportunity for Barack.

    The Economic Policy Thing
    For myself, the racial stuff and the racial bad judgment stuff is not my major TUCC issue. My major issue is the “institutional wealth distribution” part of the BLT message: 1) it goes against what America stands for; 2) it’s a concept which is proven to lead to economic disaster. It seems as if Barack does believe in this aspect of the BLT message – and that’s a deal breaker for me (though there are other deal breakers for me re: Barack). However, the bad policy of “institutional wealth distribution” will sway very few voters. It will sway me, and … maybe 150 other voters! Heh.

    Best luck to you.


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