Hopes and Thoughts (again)

The good news that I was hoping for, that Senator Kennedy’s operation was a success, did come through, thankfully.  But even while Senator Kennedy has a long and arduous road ahead of him, another long time Democratic fixture in the Senate was hospitalized.

Senator Byrd, 90, was put in the hospital last night due to a high temperature.  My hopes and thoughts go out to the Senator.  I can only hope that this isn’t anything serious, but… well… at that age I suppose even a high temperature is serious.

I know 90 is a long time to live, but given the events of his life, and how he has come full circle in some regards, one gets the feeling that he’s only just begun.  Let’s hope that’s true.

One Response to “Hopes and Thoughts (again)”

  1. Fred F. says:

    And what a circle: KKK Wizard to Dem Party leader.


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