I Say Let Him

So it seems some folks are a little upset that McCain appears to be trying to coopt some of Obama’s style.  I’m not.  I say the more the merrier.

As Sam Stein points out, it’s not just the similar web graphics, but also the attempt at coopting the change theme, as well as a pretty shadily similar slogan.  I’m not all that upset about it, in fact, I see it as a good thing.  What’s the old saw?  Imitation is the highest form of flattery?

Obama can’t help it if he’s the kid with the cool clothes this year.

But I encourage this behavior out of McCain for a more significant reason.  If recent elections have taught us much, coopting the messaging doesn’t work all too well.  Trying to run as Republican Lite hasn’t done us any favors lately because when we run as Republican Lite, that gves voters a decision that is all too easy, and all too detrimental to us.

When offered a choice between a Republican and a Republican, voters are going to vote for the Republican.

I think that same principle will work the same way here as well.  If you offer voters a choice between change and change, they’re going to pick change (and yes, that’s to say, they’re going to pick Obama).

All this does is turn McCain into the Supermarket Store Brand “Fruity Rings,” to Obama’s “Fruit Loops”, only in this instance, the real thing will be better for your wallet, too.

4 Responses to “I Say Let Him”

  1. terry says:

    I guess you could say he’s trying to copy Obama but really it’s a pretty bad imitation. From a design perspective, McCain’s site is a mess (and done in tables which is so 90’s).

  2. Huh?


    no clue… none.

  3. terry says:

    Just a little technology trivia. McCain’s site was written using tables which is the old way of building sites while Obama’s site is done in XHTML/CSS which is the new way.

  4. *you little whippersnappers and yer ‘new math’*


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