John McCain: I Would Never, Ever Bite The Hand That Feeds Me…

…except in those instances when I do bite the hand that feeds me.

Let’s just face it; the media has a huge giant crush on John McCain.  No, we’re not talking about sitting in the back of the classroom admiring from afar and secretly daydreaming of romantic fireside… um… conversations, but full on stalker standing outside your bedroom window, leaving voicemail messages about how no one else understands you like he does crush.

(Not that I would know the difference, or anything)

Given the media has cute little heart bubbles popping overhead for McCain, and in return lavishes upon him all kinds of attention, McCain would never ever ever do anything to disrupt that, would he?

Would he?

Ah, dilemmas, what would life be without you?

For instance, what to do if say, you needed a plausible way to woo embittered Clinton supporters which means attacking the media, but you also didn’t want to attack the media in case their fickle desires should turn against you?

There’s only one thing to do, of course–do it, and then deny it (There’s a catchy sitcom theme in there some where…  Do it… Deny it… Do it… Deny it… Do… Deny… Do… Deny…  It would star Bob Sagat).  Anyway, that’s how I interprest the series of events that John Cole chronicles.

I’ll leave it up to you as to whether or not you want to go over there and actually watch the clip of Dr. Evil speaking infront of the green screen, but the breakdown goes something like this.

1)  John McCain’s prepared remarks saying he thought the media gave Clinton the short end of the stick.

2)  John McCain denying that he actually said those words, claiming they were in the prepared remarks but he didn’t actually deliver them.

3)  John McCain delivering said remarks.

So, he outright lied, or he “forgot,” or he actually did forget.  Gosh, given that he looked like he was about to have his brain implode under the sheer weight of that sould crushing smile (I wouldn’t even let my daughters watch for fear they would get nightmares), it’s quite possible he forgot giving the damn speech.

And, yes folks, this is the same guy who is applying for a job that would give him access to nuclear weapons. 

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