Just In Case There Was Any Confusion

Well, that settles that.  Just in case there was any confusion, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland will absolutely, postively, not on his life serve as Obama’s running mate.  For which I think the GTL has the perfect response.

Shorter: Who asked you?

Personally, I think it a little presumptuous to come out and quell rumors in such a way.  I know it’s kind of the vogue thing to do to play coy about prospects of being on the ticket, and as a result, if you really don’t want to be on it, you might have to be a little forceful.

But, for one, was it that necessary to be so dramatic?  Second, the short list is actually pretty long; there’s no need to get up in airs and start acting as though Team Obama is knocking down your door.

In any case, the hunt for the number 2 spot continues.

Now, I’ve my own thoughts, which we’ll plumb over the course of the coming days, weeks, and months until a veep is announced.  But Jonathan Zasloff over at the RBC brings Kansas governor, Kathleen Sebelius back into the fray.

Sebelius was, for a time, on my short list until gumblings about her SOTU rebuttal ejected her.  But Zasloff makes a decent argument for her, and in the end, the SOTU rebuttal is a terrible thing to disqualify anyone over.

After all, Tim Kaine didn’t exactly knock anyone’s socks off when he delivered his speech, and I happen to know first hand the man knows how to go on the stump and give good speech.  So it’s quite possible that Sebelius just had a bad night.

But here’s the other thing to think about.  Does Obama really want another powerful personality to share the stage with?

Every candidate is different, this is true, and for each candidate there are differing political attributes that will be considered assetts and liabilities.  But Obama, as a candidate, has a presence, and an air.  It’s part of what makes his candidacy so successful.

Not to sound like I have a crush on the man, but it is his commanding personality and presence that is a trademark of the entire package that he offers in the election.  And to this end, one wonders if maybe having someone who was too good of a campaigner might not necessarily be a liability.

Someone who is too powerful in presence carries with them the potential to rob Obama of, well, the spotlight that he does so well in.  By contrast, someone who is well experienced in governance, but also easily concealed could be just the right mix of letting Obama be Obama, but assures people that, yes, there’s some experience on the ticket, just in case you wanted some.

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