Larry Johnson and His Bloggers, Class Acts to the End

In the spirit of Air Our Grievances Friday, it’s nice to see that Larry Johnson and his co-bloggers (linked directly because unfortunately this is a Meme Featured Post and thus cannot be linked indirectly, through Meme) are starting to come around and are no longer writing slimy posts oozing with racism while accusing Obama and his supporters of “playing the race card.” (See last sentence of quote, which I have bolded, for prime example.)

In the end, the Democratic primary seemed to revolve around race, race-baiting and labeling. Anyone not for Barack Obama is a racist and anyone for anyone else is a racist. Entire groups of people were labeled and discussed and dissected as to the virulence of their supposed racism.

Of course, by the time West Virginia, Kentucky and Puerto Rico voted, there were several valid questions about BO’s church, his attendance there for 20 years and the juvenile, unintelligent rantings by various “leaders” Obama claimed as “spiritual advisors.” No matter though. These people who voted for someone else must have been racist. Nothing else explains it. It’s not as if these voters were insulted and ignored. Oh wait, they were – oh snap. Well, they should have understood their limitations and understood that despite what their lying eyes and ears were telling them, Obama really cares about them and their issues. Heh.

Well, the primaries are done and now the presumptive Democratic nominee will face the RNC machine. This should be interesting for many reasons, but will the BO campaign try to slap down the race card in this match-up? How will the campaign play it? Will it be through surrogates, Michelle, bloggers, print or tv? Or some other way?

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Juan Williams has an op-ed piece suggesting the Obama campaign put away the race card. Williams talks about Wright, Pfleger, that “amazing” speech when Obama said he could not “disown” Wright and what Obama now needs to do. Williams actually says perhaps OBAMA should give another speech and:

admit to sins of using race for political expediency – by knowingly buying into divisive, mean messages being delivered from the pulpit.

Williams calls Obama out, gently, for use of the race card. But is anyone listening? Somehow, given Obama’s resume, I think the card is still in play. What else has he got, after all?

Stay classy, LisaB.

8 Responses to “Larry Johnson and His Bloggers, Class Acts to the End

  1. Stranger says:

    Ya gotta wonder what that pack of lunatics is going to do over there now that Obama is the nominee. I expect the McCain ads to go up any moment.

  2. Pug says:

    What are they going to do now? They are going to push the Michelle “whitey” tape. They offer no proof that it even exists but it’s going to blow Obama out of the water. They just know it will.

  3. They’re Republicans now. Time to treat them as such.

  4. tas says:

    When a writer s reduced to quoting nitwits like Juan Williams, they really need to take a good look in the mirror and wonder what the fuck happened.

  5. Cernig says:

    You do know Larry was a registered Republican and voted for Bush in 2000, didncha? Fact, not made up.

    Regards, C

  6. Kathy says:

    You do know Larry was a registered Republican and voted for Bush in 2000, didncha? Fact, not made up.

    Actually, I did NOT know that. Explains a lot.

  7. Cernig says:

    Hi Kathy – confirmed here by CNN, third paragraph.

    BTW, that cite is from ’05 and he was still registered Republican while giving the Dem weekly radio address.

    Regards, C

  8. Kathy says:

    Thanks for that cite, Cernig; now it explains even more. It sounds to me like the *only* reason he went over to the Democrat side for this election is because he and Valerie Plame are friends. Even being in the C.I.A. might not have been the deciding factor in and of itself. The article indicates it was the specific event of Plame’s being outed that turned him against the Bush admin.

    This really does explain so much. For me, I mean, because I didn’t know he was a Republican.

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