Let me make sure I have this straight

Kathy has already touched upon the wingnut bukkake fest on Rep. Delahunt and I don’t want to be redundant, but one comment that RedState.com made about this affair really irks me:

This discourse — a member of Congress glad Al Qaeda has a face it can pursue — is beneath the dignity of the Congress and beneath the dignity of civil discourse in this country.

So we must be civil when talking about torture.  Screw even highlighting just how uncivil torturing somebody is, we must make sure we’re prim and proper when discussing it.

In honor of RedState’s commitment to “civil discourse” on torture, war, and anything else that potentially kills or seriously harms people, I deliver the following message in reply:


Put it in your mouth, dickwads. 

2 Responses to “Let me make sure I have this straight”

  1. Kathy says:

    Not to mention the utter absurdity of the implication in that quote that Al Qaeda did not already know what Addington looks like. It’s not like there’s never been a photograph of him in a newspaper or a book. He’s been mentioned in connection with the Bush admin’s torture program countless times.

    These people at Redstate etc. are morons.

  2. glad i wasnt the only one looking at cspan and thinking the same thing


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