Not Change We Can Believe In

Last night, during his general election kick off speech, John McCain repeatedly attacked Obama, saying, “That’s not change we can believe in.”  At the same time he tried desperately to paint himself as a change from George W. Bush.

Unfortunately, if McCain wants to ride the change pony all the cool kids are riding, he’s going to have to do it with a lot more than just words.

Actually, when it comes to change, the one thing McCain has down cold is changing his mind.  He was against torture, but he changed positions to be for torture.  He was for lobbyists during the Keating five deal, but changed his mind to be against them so that he could say that he’s the “only candidate [special interests] don’t give money to,” then he changed his mind again to letting lobbyists run his campaign.  He was against Bush’s tax cuts but changed to being for them.

Man, that’s a whole lot of change going on.  Maybe he is “the one” to bring about change in this country.

And it don’t end there folks.  You see, at first McCain was against the President’s warrantless wiretapping program and wanted stricter guidelines regarding how wiretapping is conducted, saying that he didn’t think any president, “has the right to disobey any law.”  And now he’s all for warrantless wiretapping.

Next thing you know, he’ll have been against using carpetbagging Texan accents, then he’ll deliver a stump speech using one. 

2 Responses to “Not Change We Can Believe In”

  1. Hold_That_Tiger says:

    Poor old goat. That cheesy green back drop, the co-opted play on “change we can believe in” to ” a Leader we can believe in,” the relative handful of “supporters,” the glazed look in his eyes (a friend refered to him as “crazy eyes” McCain last night), that creepy smile of his….phew. And then his truly limp attack on Obama. His one issue is “The War,” and so many Americans disagree with him on that. He can attempt to divorce himself from Bush, but his record doesn’t lie (95% in agreement with Bush last year.) Women in particular need to look at the “real” McCain, the guy whose goal is to strike down Roe v Wade, the guy who opposed Ledbetter, the abstinance only guy in opposition to teaching kids about birth control. When progressive women, moderate Republican, and Independant Women take a hard look at the Senator, I can’t believe that they will like what they see.

  2. DrGail says:

    There’s good news in this: Look who’s defining the opposing candidate.

    For once, it’s not the GOP setting the narrative and forcing everyone else to respond to it.

    Turning the tables sure feels good!

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