On Monster and Monsters

Remember when Samantha Power had to resign from the Obama campaign for calling Hillary Clinton a “monster” in an offhand remark in an interview with a Scottish newspaper? Man, these were the days… Days that McCain strategist Charles Black is thankful that he’s not a part of.

Seeing a known anti-genocide advocate and foreign policy expert like Power pushed off the campaign for one little word hurts. But if the bar for disapproval and dismissal is set this low, one hopes that it affects the other side by pushing people off their campaign, too.

Well, not quite.

Meet McCain strategist Charles Black. You’ve surely heard of Black by now since he’s the moron who told Fortune magazine that another terrorist attack on American soil would be great for his boss, but did you know that Mr. Black has a bone for dictators, too?

Most notably, Black worked on behalf of Jonas Savimbi whose Unita movement waged a brutal guerrilla campaign against the Cuban-backed Angolan government in the 1980s.

According to US justice department records, Black’s lobbying firm spent lavishly to ensure congressional and White House support for Savimbi. The contract between Black’s firm and Savimbi in 1985 was worth $600,000.

Black and his partners also lobbied on behalf of Ferdinand Marcos, the Philippine president, who was overthrown by a popular revolt, Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, one of the world’s most corrupt dictators, and President Mohamed Siad Barre of Somali, another dictator who was eventually overthrown.


So where’s the uproar? Where’s the outrage? Where are all the usual suspects who scream their heads off anytime Obama breathes funny? Where are they now? Why aren’t they asking for Black’s resignation or firing from the McCain campaign? How come McCain’s character isn’t questioned when he hires these scumbags the same way that Obama’s character is questioned because his reverend was Mr. Wright?

Hmm. Well, these wingnuts have absolutely no problem with Black’s comments. And neither do these wingnuts. What a non-shocker! I couldn’t find any pundits calling for Black to step down, either.

What the media allows the Republicans to get away with — and how low Republicans will sink to agree with themselves — never ceases to amaze me. So Samantha Power fights monsters and is forced out of the campaign, but Charles Black supports monsters and is allowed to stay. I dare you to find a larger, more disgusting contradiction than this in today’s news.

(edited by DrGail)

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