Quick Thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s Speech

In the immortal words of Arthur Dent, “Actually, I quite liked it.”

As expected, Hillary Clinton did not concede during her speech in South Dakota, though she hinted at the possibility, saying she wasn’t ready to make that decision quite yet. Instead, she said she would take the next few days to decide what was in the best interests of the party and the country.

But on the whole, the speech had a distinct valedictory feel to it. Nothing tangible, but you could almost feel at the end of each paragraph, “But, it was not meant to be,” just hanging there, waiting to be said.

Truthfully, valedictory or not, it was in my estimation one of the best speeches I’ve seen her deliver, and I’ve seen her deliver quite a few. Perhaps the finality of the primary season coming to an end injected an authenticity to her speech that I’ve found lacking so often before. Perhaps it was more reflective of the Hillary Clinton that first began this primary that I actually liked, the one that had a clear message that there was a lot of work that needed to be done, and we as Democrats were going to come together to do it.

I am bothered by her popular vote claims on two levels. On the first, there is the inherent dubiousness of the claim; as has been calculated over and over again, such an assertion is based upon disputable and creative mathematics at best. On the second, if she truly is interested in what is best for the party, part of that is going to have to involve not just endorsing Obama’s nomination, but endorsing the legitimacy of it. The popular vote concept, aside from being flawed, undermines that legitimacy.

But outside of that, as I said, it was a good speech, and one that gives many of us who are hoping that we can at least begin the unification process this week some indication that that may in fact be the case.

As I said, I take nothing for granted until she at the very least suspends her campaign, but at least in this speech tonight, she did little to indicate that that concession isn’t far behind.

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  1. Hold_That_Tiger says:

    I found her speech both defiant and touching (when she spoke of some of the poor wretches she met on the campaign trail.) But ultimately, as it always seems to have been in the last 5 months, last night was about HER, all about HER. She further rankled me by mentioning that we need to get out of Iraq (WHY did she vote to get into the conflict?) That a man like Barack won, and that win had historic significance, appears to have been lost on her. I believe that she is continuing to stir up that hornet’s net of core followers of hers by inviting them to write and tell her what they want her to do (any guesses on how many write “Denver, Denver!”) Jesus. On the other hand Obama’s speech was elegant and generous and truly beautiful…if the Hillary people don’t “get him” (and I suspect that the Clinton’s just don’t “get him”) it is their loss.

    Anyway, Kyle, I think that there are a lot of lessons to be learned in this election cycle. A question must be asked how Clinton still won SD despite the fact that almost every person in America, even the low information voters of Clinton’s wet dreams, knew the race was over, and that Obama would be the nominee. This is troubling me this morning more than her failure to concede. Was it the fact that Clinton is white that was driving her successes? Her Message? (Obama’s message was essentially a duplicate of her own, and certainly her delivery of it was no more eloquent that his.) Was it the fact that once Clinton targeted a State with “her” demographic that all 3 Clintons essentially camped in that State until the primary? Would the populist Edwards performed just as well as Clinton in these States if he had contested those primaries? As I’ve said in a previous post, rather than selling “change,” Clinton was selling “nostalgia,” how effective was that? So many questions, important questions, that must be answered by Fall, IMO.

  2. at says:

    its stupid


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