RCP’s New Cross Tabs Blog

A while ago, Real Clear Politics used to have a daily blog that was dedicated completely to the discourse going on in the blogosphere.  Then it kind of went away.  I remember a while ago asking Kevin Sullivan what happened to it, and he said that RCP had something bigger and better planned.

I’m honored to be a part of that bigger and better.

Real Clear Politics has just launched its new Cross Tabs blog, where I’m pleased to say that my work will be featured along with the work of Betsy Newmark, Brendan Nyhan, Jon Keller, Justin Gardner, Michael Stickings, Michael van der Galien, and Sister Toldjah.  There are names in this list that I have never agreed with, and names that I have admired for sometime, so it’s exciting to be sharing an arena with these folks.


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  1. RainBro says:

    Congratulations Kyle. 😉

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