Right Woman For The Job

Politicians, sometimes, actually, most the time really, need to be pushed.

As I’ve said many times, my appreciation of Obama’s healthcare plan has always been one out of political awareness as opposed to ideology.  Being the typical liberal that I am, I want single payer health care.  I want it to not just be cheap, but free and of high quality to everyone.  Lives shouldn’t not be saved because of a price tag.

But, there’s a political reality to be taken into account here, and because of the specific nature of the healthcare debate, I’ve long been of the opinion that a slower, more prudent approach is more likely to weild positive benefits.

That being said, I simply love that Obama is apparently enlisting Elizabeth Edwards in the fight to bring health care to everyone.

It’s because Obama’s a politician, and on just about anything he tries to do when he becomes president, he’s going to have his hands tied by compromises that will be necessary in bringing about positive progress.  Often, in our little ideological wars, we get so intent on wanting the whole pie, that we don’t realize that sometimes we’re doing better if we just get a respectable piece.

But at the same time, sometimes you find a person, a personality, a rallying figure outside the mechanism that can force politicians to unbind their hands of the political mechanism, and I think Elizabeth is just such a person.  Popular, smart as a whip, and most definitely true to her convictions, I think Mrs. Edwards has the persona and the support to become the kind of player needed to make Washington do what it should do in regards to healthcare.

And since she’s not really worried about whether or not her policies poll well, not being a politician herself, she’s free to act according to her conscience alone.

Plus, as Jill points out, Elizabeth could prove to be an incredibly effective attack dog on the healthcare topic against McCainIn this Think Progress post, Edwards does exactly the kind of take down that needs to happen over and over again; essentially the kind of take down that reinforces the fact that McCain’s a Straight Talking Maverick in name only.

It’ll be very interesting to see what role Mrs. Edwards plays from here on in.  Very interesting indeed.

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