So the richest, most technologically advanced nation in the world…

You know, us.

How do we deal with flooding? It seems to be a problem. In 1993, the Midwest got trashed by rising river waters spilling over their banks. In 2005, New Orleans met Katrina and the latter won. And now that this summer is in full swing, the Midwest is flooded again. And how are we dealing with it? What technology has America employed?


What’s next, tea bags? Maybe some tightly packed pieces of construction paper?

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me with this shit. What the hell kind of nation are we if we can’t solve simple problems like this? When will we learn better? When will the kind of money being poured into the Iraq war be used for infrastructure repair? And how can any politician seriously discuss more tax cuts when we desperately need money to fix our nation?

Look at what the rest of the world has done:

[T]he Japanese have their superlevees, Londoners have their five-story tall moveable floodgates along the Thames, and Venetians are erecting 78 “gargantuan” floodgates which rest on the sea floor and will rise to block dangerous tidal surges. […]

On a cold winter night in 1953, the Netherlands suffered a terrifying blow as old dikes and seawalls gave way during a violent storm.

Flooding killed nearly 2,000 people and forced the evacuation of 70,000 others. Icy waters turned villages and farm districts into lakes dotted with dead cows. […]

So at a cost of some $8 billion over a quarter century, the nation erected a futuristic system of coastal defenses that is admired around the world today as one of the best barriers against the sea’s fury – one that could withstand the kind of storm that happens only once in 10,000 years.

Look at that, Holland spent $8 billion to protect themselves. Eight billion — how much is that in reality? One day in Iraq or two? And here we are using sandbags like we’re some third world fucking nation whose government is too cheap and corrupt to do the job once and do it right. Unfortunately, patheticness like this comes along more often than great floods.

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  1. Dustin says:

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