Somewhere, John McCain Is Alone, Crying

Barack Obama has decided his version of public financing is better than the government provided one.

I was among those on Obama’s side who was of the mind that he should have taken up McCain on his offer, then somewhere along the way, I remembered that I wanted to win this election, and subsequently changed my mind.

And, as will be argued by the Obama camp, and other Obama supporters (I’m sure), Obama has a strong claim to the notion that his version of fundraising is as public as need be.  I don’t have time now (I’m up about 2 hours after my bedtime) to source this, but here’s just a couple of general stats.

-Over 1.5 Million donors

-over 90% of donations to the Obama campaign were under $200.

-Over 50% of donations to the Obama campaign were under $25.

I really don’t know how you get more public than that without asking people to pay money to presidential campaigns they don’t support.

Obama is coming out the gates the early frontrunner already, now that he made the choice to empower his campaign with a financial force McCain can’t hope to match, it’s going to be very difficult for McCain to knock Obama off the mountain.

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