Taking the Fight to November

That settles it, with California’s highest court striking down appeals to the recent decision that would allow homosexuals to marry, gay marriage will be legal there at least until November 4th when an amendment to the California constitution to ban gay marriage will be on the ballot.

The appeal would have been a blow to the recent victory not only for homosexual couples, but believers in civil rights all around, and could have conceivably made it easier for the constitutional amendment to find passage.

But now that amendment will be put before the people after many couples are already married.  For the most hardcore of opponents to gay marriage, this will likely not be a problem.  Actually, for homophobes, I imagine there will be some who relish the thought of forcibly unmarrying gay people who were already married.

But I also think that a far greater number of moderates will come to the realization that in order to put this amendment into law, they will have to disrupt honest and decent families, they will have to actively nullify marriages, and I don’t think that that’s something that most decent people will do.

In any case, there’s going to be a helluva fight in the Golden State come November, and I look forward to winning it.

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