Taliban Free Almost 1,000 in Massive Prison Break in Kandahar

If there was any doubt that the Taliban have been making a comeback, the spectacular prison break at Sarposa Prison in Kandahar should put them to rest:

Afghan and international troops launched a desperate hunt Saturday for more than 1,100 prisoners NATO said escaped a jail in Afghanistan when Taliban rebels blasted it open.

The Taliban said 400 of its own fighters escaped when the rebels attacked the facility in the southern city of Kandahar late Friday with suicide bombs before shooting the guards.

Afghan authorities put the number of prisoners who fled one of the country’s biggest jails at 886, more than 380 of whom were Taliban.

The rebels said they spent two months planning the attack, which deputy justice minister Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai said was their most sophisticated yet.

The operation all but emptied the prison:

Gen. Mohammad Sadiq Shinwari, head of the military prosecution office in Kandahar, said 892 prisoners escaped: 389 Taliban and the rest common criminals.

There were 1,059 prisoners incarcerated at the time of the attack and 167 of them remain in the prison, the second-largest in the country and controlled by the Afghan government.

Analysts — who say the escape is a huge psychological victory for the Taliban in southern Afghanistan — note that this was the latest of three commando-style attacks in the country in recent months. The attacks reflect the sophistication of the militants and efforts to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan citizenry.

Police sources say the strike freed suicide bombers and cell leaders who had been captured over the past six years. They say it resembles two other attacks earlier this year that could have involved al Qaeda.

“It was a planned attack the same as they destroyed the twin towers in America,” said Abdul Wali Karzai, the head of Kandahar’s provincial council. “It was a planned attack that succeeded.

“We know the militants had phone contacts with some of the prisoners inside the prison for several days before the attack,” said Karzai, the brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

The Guardian reports that the previous month detainees had refused to eat or drink until prison officials addressed the terrible conditions at Sarposa:

Last month about 50 prisoners went on hunger strike at Sarposa, sewing their mouths shut in protest. Conditions are extremely poor in Afghan jails with prisoners often held for months or years without their case being heard in court.

The hunger strikers ended the weeklong protest after a parliamentary delegation promised their cases would be reviewed.

Kevin Hayden tells Antonin Scalia he can stop worrying about the harm that habeus corpus is doing to Americans:

Justice Scalia, forget about habeas; how many American lives will this release cost?


We’ve heard for years that electing a Democrat or withdrawing from Iraq will boost the morale of these guys and make them happy, but something like this? Nope, doesn’t “have a strategic impact”.

Uh-huh. Ri-i-i-i-ight.

If there were another 1,000 US troops (currently on their 87th tour to Iraq) near the prison, would that have a strategic impact?

Bush and McSame seem bound and determined to be the first Keystone Kop tag team to blow two wars simultaneously through error, arrogance, corruption and overreach.

More from Damozel at The Moderate Voice and Buck Naked Politics, Fester at Newshoggers, and Dr. Steven Taylor at PoliBlog.

All, via Memeorandum.

Justice Scalia, forget about habeas; how many American lives will this release cost?

3 Responses to “Taliban Free Almost 1,000 in Massive Prison Break in Kandahar”

  1. Terri Williams says:

    Canada has its troops in Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban to help liberate the people of Afghanistan and to keep us safe over here. The prison break must be quite a blow to their morale. Imagine how the troops will feel when they return home to find the Taliban they’ve been looking for have been granted political asylum and granted citizenship by the Canadian government and are now their next door neighbours.

    Canadian Immigration imports these radicals, because they will work for the frozen minimum wage most Canadian are growing angry about.

    Canada practices democracy. Immigration Canada should consider the short amount of time it will take for their new polygamist Muslim population to raise a whole new crop of voters. Four wives times 10 kids each and uh-oh Canada, they may bring you to Sharia Law in about ten years from now when the new Canadians will be old enough to vote. Muslims, especially the radicals, have LOTS of kids while Canadian women enjoy the right to choose. It really won’t take long at all before the country has a Sharia majority.

    Nice going Immigration Canada.

  2. so these fools gone be shoooting at our boys again dang

  3. PunditMom says:

    Thanks for all the varied sources of information on this story!

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