The attitudes of Hillary supporters and Wingnuts

Years back, I lived in the heavily Republican town of Cincinnati and, true to the demographics there, I found myself with a heavily Republican girlfriend.  As you can imagine, our political conversations were sometimes heated.  These conversations helped me understand how Republicans operate — what makes them tick.  

There’s one conversation in particular I’ll remember forever.  I asked my then girlfriend what would happen if George W. Bush was caught getting a blowjob in the Oval Office?  Would he be impeached?  Far from it.  She told me, and I kid you not, that nobody would care because he’s a Republican.

These people are OK with anything their side does, despite the hypocrisy — despite cognitive dissonance it could cause.   And we’re seeing the same attitude from Hillary’s hardcore supporters.

Case in point, Big Tent Democrat. Get a load of his opinion on how Obama’s actions during the DNC delegate battle yesterday makes him guilty of trashing party unity:

But the biggest mistakes today were made by Barack Obama. Why? In my opinion, nothing that happened today could take the nomination away from Obama. Hell, he should have argued for full seating of both delegations based on the primary results, taking the Michigan uncommitted delegates. Even in the unlikely event the RBC would have agreed to that, that would have only cost him 57 delegates net. That was not going to threaten his nomination.

And it would have unified the Party. It would have been a wonderful gesture to the Clinton Wing of the Party. It would have shut everyone up when he wins the nomination. What did Obama do instead? He fought to take 4 delegates from Clinton in Michigan. For what? To piss off every Clinton supporter and keep the Party divided?

All over 4 measly delegates? Incredible.

Barack Obama will be the nominee of the Democratic Party imo, and for four measly delegates, he just made his already difficult task of unifying the Democratic Party that much more difficult.

So let me make sure I have this straight…  For a race that Hillary essentially already lost (which I’ve stated — and proved — for a few weeks now), Hillary is allowed to send in her supporters to protest whatever decision the DNC committee made while Obama purposely called off his supporters from protesting.  Additionally, Hillary didn’t want any of the people who wanted to vote for Obama in Michigan represented.  And furthermore, her supporters have the audacity to claim that Obama stole votes away from Hillary in Michigan while, in recent weeks, trying to argue that Obama’s victories in non-swing states shouldn’t count — essentially saying that voters shouldn’t count unless they voted for Hillary.

And then Big Tent Democrat comes out and says that Obama is ruining party unity?

Hey BTD, I’ve got three words in response to this: Go.  Fuck.  Yourself.  And get some goddamn critical fucking thinking skills before you ever make another post.

But what I say doesn’t matter…  Because when you’ve got the Republican mindset, logic and recognition of hypocrisy goes straight out the window.  It’s loyalty first and foremost.  I guess Clinton’s hardcore supporters forgot about how much harm to the country was brought by the cult of personality that surrounded Bush.  

Shame and humbleness sure ain’t part of their attributes, either. 

4 Responses to “The attitudes of Hillary supporters and Wingnuts”

  1. BTD CANNOT fuck himself, because by the time he finished explaining that he was AGAINST fucking himself, but really was only doing it for his own good and because Obama drove him to it, he would then realize that he had no dick with which to fuck.

    Crude, sorry, but these folks drive me nuts. Ha. That’s a pun.

  2. Kathy says:

    You go, tas!

  3. CeeHussein says:

    There is nothing Obama can do except drop of the race or die that would please the Clinton cretins. Oh, I was just reminded of Hillary mentioning June events.

    She deserves nothing. Neither do her supporters.

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