The Day Has Come

Hillary Clinton has ended her campaign and endorsed Barack Obama for president. Thank you, Sen. Clinton.

I am hoping that the 17 percent of Clinton supporters who now say that they will vote for McCain in the fall are speaking out of the emotion of the moment — which, let it be said, is very real and should not be denigrated. The fulfillment of a dream of historic significance has been delayed (note, I do not say it has died), and that is hard to get over. If Obama had lost the nomination to Clinton, I would find it just as difficult to get behind Clinton as some Clinton supporters are finding it to get behind Obama.

Having acknowledged this, a McCain presidency would be — no exaggeration — catastrophic for this nation, and specifically for the committed feminists who worked so hard for Sen. Clinton. It’s hard to imagine that anyone who supported Clinton would take their resentment of Obama’s win to the point of voting for a man who would, without hesitation, put the Roe-overturning vote on the Supreme Court, who would keep U.S. troops in Iraq for the next century, who would eagerly and happily launch airstrikes against Iran, possibly even a nuclear strike.

And then there is the misogyny issue. Pamela Leavey, as passionate and committed a Clinton supporter as you’re likely to find — asks why anyone who decried the sexism directed against Sen. Clinton in this just-finished primary campaign would turn around and vote for John McCain, who called his wife a “trollop” and a “cunt”:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign made us “talk about sexism.” And that is a good thing. However, mis-guided Clinton supporters who are supporting crap like this are now tarnishing the many good ways that Hillary Clinton changed our politics. I am disheartened by the efforts of some fellow Clinton bloggers who are in effect seeking to Swift Boat Barack Obama out of frustration and anger.

Leavey also links to a post by Matthew Yglesias, who reminds us of this repulsive exchange between John McCain and a (female!) supporter who asked, “How do we beat the bitch?”

Yglesias, in turn, points to Mark Kleiman at RBC, who gives us the transcript for the appalling back-and-forth, which is somewhat hard to make out because of the loud laughter and animated conversation that follows the woman’s question:

Q. How do we beat the bitch? A. [Laughs] Can I get the translation? Q2 I thought she was talking about my ex-wife. A. [Laughs] Could I — But that’s an excellent question. … McCain then goes on to say “I respect Sen. Clinton,” just in case anyone had a question about who “the bitch” might be.

I really don’t think that a man like this is an appropriate “next best” for Democrats who supported Clinton.

One Response to “The Day Has Come”

  1. Chief says:

    I understand how someone can be passionate about Clinton or Obama. These two Senators want to help people achieve a better standard of living.

    McCain is no better than McConnell or Bunning the do nothing senators from Kentucky. How McCain can call any women either of those name, much less the WOMAN TO WHOM HE IS MARRIED, is beyond me.

    If we are faced w/ four years of McCain, we might as well emmigrate to New Zealand or Australia.


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