The New Gang Of 14

First, must we call clusters of politicians, “gangs?”  I grew up around gangs, and I’m sorry, Chris Dodd in saggin’ khakis and a monochromatic bandana just doesn’t work. Though Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel could, I think.

Second, Karma; she knows what she’s doing.

In this case, the progression goes as such; a Democratic congressman publicly declares he doesn’t support Obama.  McCain tries to make some political hay.  Karma stops in, sees what’s happening, and provides fourteen congressmen who refuse to endorse McCain.

So there’s comic hilarity there to be enjoyed, as it should be.  But stuff like this I think has a more significant bearing on the election as a whole.

One thing that has not escaped your notice, I’m sure, is the fact that McCain is still trying to sell one of the toughest policy stances he has–his stance on the Iraq War.  Given that a majority of Americans disapprove of the Iraq War, that’s not exactly where John McCain wants to stay (what other plank in his platform would be better, I’m at a loss, I admit, but definitely not Iraq).

But he has to.  While McCain’s so called crossover appeal may have made him seem to be the strongest Republican in the field, the fact that he has so little confidence in the base prevents McCain from running to the center in time for the General Election.

In the past, this wouldn’t necessarily be seen as all that big of a problem, considering that Republicans have been doing fine running on a conservative agenda.  But right now is not the time to try and run as a conservative, which is exactly what McCain is being forced to do.

As for we Democrats, we’re fine.  We’re used to candidates running to the middle of the road, it’s what our party does.  Republicans, though, they’ve been spoiled, and now it looks as though they’re going to get torn between having their cake and eating it too, or sticking their candidate with a bunch of positions few are going to want to vote for in the fall.


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