The Power Of Christ Compels You


Well, if Dr. Evil picks Governor Bobby Jindal, he may just get his “young priest.”

Now, lots of strange stuff pops up when vetting potential vice presidents, but Louisiana’s Governor, Bobby Jindal, has to be in the hunt for strangest possible liability ever.  No drugs, no strange extra-marital affairs, however, he apparently did preside over an exorcism.

He also, reportedly, cured cancer.

As Josh Marshall reports, the exorcism took place back when Jindal was in college, a close friend of his who was suffering from cancer all of a sudden began behaving erratically.  Distraught, Jindal and some friends got together to cast the demon out, and were successful.  In the process, they also cured the young woman of her cancer.

I don’t know.  I know a lot of my lefty friends are going to mock and deride because of this, but I think it would be kinda cool to have a real live exorcist in the White House.  He could perform live exorcisms in the Rose Garden!

Halloweens at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be AWESOME!

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