The Video That Should Sink John McCain’s Presidential Aspirations

(h/t Jed Report)



2 Responses to “The Video That Should Sink John McCain’s Presidential Aspirations”

  1. CtrlAltDel says:

    Finally, the real McCain is being revealed. By the way, there is a book entitled “The Real McCain,” out there. I think that every household in America should get a copy. It’s mainly just one fact after another showing that he is a dangereous political opportunist. Some of the most horrible examples of his true political allegiances are the many, many bills in the Senate that he voted against to provide benefits for veterans (not just the recent college one) and to provide funding for first-responder emergency services. This is homeland security? The reason he did this was because the funding for them was going to have to come from closing tax loopholes for the rich. The only thing that I think that he’s sincere about is his lunatic desire to continue the Iraq war and to pick fights with other countries as well. Maverick? Yeah, in the same way that Don Quixote was a maverick.

  2. Oh, sweet, man. Don Quixote is PERFECT for McCain. I so want to see McCain get drunk and start flailing at a punch bowl at some high dollar fundraiser and then claim it was some imp or some crap.


    Actually, one of the things that I want to do is start cataloguing his record on supporting the troops,cuz that’s a big one for me.

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