“This Is Our Time”

I know I may seem excitable from time to time, and really, that’s probably because I am excitable from time to time. Strange thing about last night, though. I was happy, most definitely, but it really didn’t hit me in full, not last night, not as I went through and started writing the morning’s posts (a truncated batch, to be sure, but my wife tasked me with chores before I could start the day’s writing).

Nope, it really didn’t hit me in full until I put my girls in the car so they could go to school.

There, lying next to my wife’s car, was the newspaper. Above the fold was a picture of a skinny black guy, arms out stretched, a crowd of thousands all around him, and above the picture were these four words:


I live in a Republican district in Southern Virginia, and that was the cover, and the whole thing hit. Not the knowledge that Barack Obama would be the Democratic party’s nominee, that has been there. But the full emotional brunt of it all, the historic repercussions that the chattering class have been going on about for the past eleven hours.

It all finally sunk in.

I’m not a newspaper guy. Newspapers are normal people’s news, and maybe that’s what did it, that the two worlds, one obsessive, one only marginally interested, bridged by this single moment in time. It gets harder from here on in, and the sheen’s likely not going to last, but for now, at least, it feels nothing so mundane as making history as much as for at least this one stitch in time a significant portion of the country is united in some way external to simple agreement around this singal event.

A long time ago, seemingly years, but not so long, I got a Barack Obama bumper sticker from Terry’s Positively Barack blog. As a testament to how apprehensive I have been about Obama’s chances, I have kept from actually putting it on my car. In fact, right now it’s still hanging by a magnet on my refrigerator (I’m surprised it’s survived this long, honestly).

But that’s my day. I’m going to affix that sticker to the back of my car, take a shower, and enjoy a very good day’s sleep.

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2 Responses to ““This Is Our Time””

  1. terry says:

    Well that’s not too bad…it only took you almost a year to really commit. I’m going to need a picture of it actually on your car though.

  2. I’ll see what I can do.

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