This Is Why I’m Excited

were in ur forts, killin’ ur d00ds!

I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.  I am itching to see the fifty state strategy in action.  Yeah, it could fail, but man oh man if it doesn’t.  This is what I’ve been saying over and over again.  Don’t give McCain and the Republicans any breathing room, don’t give them any safe territory.  Let them know from the beginning, we’re coming after everything, and leave any territory unprotected at your own risk.


So I’m a little melodramatic. What?

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  1. John Shreffler says:

    The O-Man digs Honest Abe. Well, when Lincoln strategized, he wanted to have the Union Army advance on all fronts in 1864, figuring that, if they did that, the overall superiority in Northern resources would give the South a fatal defeat, which duly happened at Atlanta. Obama needs to do the same. He has much greater access to cash, a better organization, and a winning message. If McCain has to fight everywhere, he’ll lose big.

  2. My thoughts exactly.

  3. clif says:

    Given the very real prospects of flipping a few states in the presidential election combined with the fact the republicans are defending a lot of open seats in the House and their former senate safe seats in places like new Mexico, Colorado, New Hampshire, combined with very competitive races in both the house and senate, a 50 state strategy to force the republicans to spread their money around isn’t a bad idea.

    Oh and add to that the idea that local races won’t be run by painting every democratic candidate with the same brush, because in the last 3 special elections that tactic failed, it look even more impressive that Dr Dean crafted this strategy four years ago to grow it large enough in time to be effective this year.

    I’m sure many local politics in many former safe “red” states appreciate the help they have received since Dr Dean took the reigns and decided to fight all the political battles until the voters decided, and NOT allow the republicans to declare victory in their primaries because a good candidate didn’t get any help at all showing democrats could win where the DLC feared to tread.

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