Though It’s Over, It Ends Friday

At least, that’s the reports going out over the past hour.  Hillary Clinton is expected to concede and endorse Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy on Friday.

I will have more to say during my normal writing time in the morning, but I did have one comment right now to make.  There’s been an awful lot of what Hillary is entitled to through the virtue of the campaign that she ran over the past year and a half, and the numbers of supporters she has attracted.

Like so many other things, I’ve mixed feelings as to what Clinton is entitled to and what she isn’t entitled to regarding a consolation prize.  While I respect the size of her national support, and readily admit that to one degree or another there should be some level of appeasement, it should also come as no shock that coming in second place in politics does not automatically entitle one to anything.

Further, the rabid defector portion of Clinton’s supporters, I believe, is A) small enough to move on from, and B) not going to support Obama at the top of the ticket no matter what.  As a result, I don’t think that Hillary is entitled to a spot on the ticket, nor do I think doing so simply to “heal the party” is a necessarily wise move.  There are arguments for and against the so called “unity ticket”, but I think realistically this simply isn’t one of them.

What does Clinton’s performance in this primary entitle her to?  On many levels that is debatable, and should be judged not just on the size of her support and her tenacity, but also by the way she conducted her campaign and aided or hindered the ticket and the party.

One thing I will say she is entitled to, though, is a certain measure on how she chooses to leave the race.  I’m not in agreement with a lot of people, even here on this site, when I say that I still remain neither shocked nor angered by her lack of concession last night.  Despite early reports to the contrary, I don’t think too many people really expected her to drop out.

I’ve taken issue with her continuance of the popular vote argument, and I will leave it at that.

Whether you agree with her methods or not, whether you think she damaged the party or the ticket or not, and believe me, I do not come down favorably on Clinton’s side in either topic, I think she is entitled to leave the race on her own terms within reason.

Maybe it’s just a sense of good sportsmanship in me.  Good or bad, clean or dirty, Hillary Clinton fought her heart out in the last leg of the primary, and I can respect that.  At the same time, there must also be a realization that the presidential race is no longer about her, and prolonging this moment of the cycle further has great potential to corrode the party and be a detriment in the fall.

So Friday it is.  Save the date.  Let her choose the time and the place and the words, and when it is all said and done, we can lick our wounds and remember how to be on the same side again.

But Friday is the deadline.  After Friday a train is leaving the station, a train that heads straight to the White House.  You’re either on it, or you aren’t.

It’s that simple.

4 Responses to “Though It’s Over, It Ends Friday”

  1. Are You sure Friday is It, and the presidential race is no longer about voters are You 100% sure
    Barack Obama and Bill Ayers
    This is not just guilt-by-association This man may be up to his old rong doing again and He will do just what He wants to see Obama in Office.
    Did The Caucuses get over run and jacked up by new stundents voters and war protesters mobilized by the ’60s radical and University of Illinois professor Bill Ayers is He up to the same crossing all lines and even herting Americans to get his point across again?
    Did He help galvinized the large student involment in Obamas team the ones jacked up the caucuses?.

  2. sigh.

    When your candidate endorses him, will you follow her?

  3. tas says:

    Hey Anthony in Tampa, I like how you can’t even spell “Hillery” right. Here’s a present for your valiant grammatical efforts in support of “Hillery”!

  4. Kathy says:

    Kyle, check out the latest. Now, it’s Saturday. 🙂

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