Tom “Culture of Corruption” Delay RETURNS!

Good old Tom Delay, has decided to rejoin the national political scene.  Teaming up with his buddies Joe Lieberman, and Bill Kristol, the former Speaker of the House has decided to offer baseless attacks against Obama in an attempt to paint him as a Marxist.

From The Hill’s Briefing Blog:

Explaining that Obama clinching the Democratic nomination is a good thing for John McCain, DeLay said Obama’s “weakness” is that “nobody knows him.”

“And if McCain does not define him as what he is — hey, I have said publicly, and I will again, that unless he proves me wrong, he is a Marxist,” DeLay said.

Now, I have a few issues with this, of course.  The first being that Tom Delay may just be making a pretty silly poli-sci error.  Right, yes, Obama may not be well known, but that shouldn’t be something to cheer about for two reasons.  For an unknown, Obama continues to poll extremely well against McCain, and McCain’s been around so long EVERYONE knows him.  That’s not a roaring endorsement for the Republican candidate’s standing with the people.

But, and had Delay been paying attention for the past six months, Obama has an impressive campaigning record that shows that once people get to know him, they tend to like him and support him.

The other thing that rubs me funny is the way Delay says it.  He doesn’t say, “Unless he proves me wrong, I’ll think he’s a Marxist.”  No, he’s far more authoritative than that.  “Unless he proves me wrong, he’s a Marxist.”

In other words, the American people’s opinions aren’t important; Tom Delay’s opinion is important, and, well, I’m pretty sure we know what the running odds of getting Delay to admit that Obama is not in fact a Marxist are (hint: if you’d drop a penny on this bet, you should never ever ever gamble).

I’m pretty sure the American people can decide for themselves that Obama is not, in fact, a Marxist.  He believes in God (the right one, by the way), and he’s neither a socialist, nor a communist.  He’s a good, red blooded American capitalist who happens to think, like many of us very capitalist Americans, that the market shouldn’t be completely and totally deregulated.

Tom Delay, isn’t a Marxist, of course.  We know this.  In fact, Tom Delay is so awesomely for unfettered capitalism that he wouldn’t even let sweatshops and forced abortions and sex slavery get in the way.  What an American.

Actually, if Tom Delay wants to inject himself into this presidential debate, what with Saipan and the Terry Schiavo debacle, and the whole culture of corruption in general, I’m all for it.  Ooh, maybe we can play six degrees of Jack Abramoff!

One Response to “Tom “Culture of Corruption” Delay RETURNS!”

  1. Fred F. says:

    Delay was not speaker of the house.

    When Obama speaks of government control over, well, EVERYTHING, that is indeed socialism.

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