We’re On The Map! (Updated X2)

My other blog focuses on, among other things, casual games and webtoys, so needless to say whenever someone comes up with a political webtoy I get a little thrill. This one doubly so because we’re actually on it.

Presidential Watch 08 provides a really neat little political map of the blogosphere that is capable of being broken down upon various different attributes, and you can even zoom in to hyper magnification. According to Karl of Protein Wisdom, we’re joined by 296 other blogs out there, and given the very broad expanse of political blogs out there, that’s very exclusive company.

So, yeah, I have to admit to spending about forty five minutes looking for us there. But never fear, I knew we got a hit from the map, so I wasn’t trying to, you know, reaffirm anything or anything. Just, you know, looking for what I knew to be there.


If you’re interested, and I know you are, we’re located down and to the left of Atrios which is a pretty big blue dot, and shouldn’t take you long to find. I still don’t fully understand how the map works, considering that I don’t think we link very often to Atrios, and I’m pretty sure links from him don’t come our way, but it’s really not that important.

As far as usefulness is concerned, I suppose if you question a specific blog’s bias in one way or another, you can look it up on the map, but then, really, how many blogs do you read that you don’t already know its bias?

I’m just saying.

(Note: So far all the rest of the blogs I’ve looked at that feature the map actually have cool little pictures witha “you are here” arrow for their blogs. I am technologically hopeless, as my co-bloggers can easily attest and so, unless one of my fellow bloggers wants to come along and add the pic for me, you’ll have to go through the long wait time just like I did)

UPDATE: Lawyers, Guns and Money has a microscopic view of the map that really brings things into perspective. When I get a chance, I’m going to shoot D an email to see if they were in on the project to get such an in depth view.

UPDATE II: Thanks to Terry for the visuals!

(edited by DrGail)

2 Responses to “We’re On The Map! (Updated X2)”

  1. opit says:

    It’s a bit of a giggle to see any sign one is recognized online, if only because getting started means a lot of time wondering if someone is going to notice. I thought this web ‘map’ handy, especially if you use the live link version.

  2. Karl says:

    The circles help decode the linking relationships:

    Red circles and lines = Inbound links
    Yellow circles and lines = Outbound links
    Green circles and lines = Mutual links

    As for the magnified view, there’s a slider control on the map (upper part of the sidebar, iirc).

    Hope that helps some.

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