“What Is It About Obama And Guys Named Larry?”

To be honest, I kind of wished life were that easy.  You know, if you knew ahead of time that all people with a certain name were going to try and screw you over, you could just steer clear.

To be honest, I almost forgot about Larry Sinclair.  It took a little time to jog the memory, then I remembered that this was the guy who said he had a party (and by party I mean gay sex) with Obama in a limo.  Forget Larry Craig, this would be THE gay sex scandal of the decade.

If it were true.

Now, there’s no hard evidence to support or deny the claim, however, I think it is important to point out that the press conference wherein Sinclair was to air out all of his shared dirty laundry with the Democratic presidential candidate was such that one might be forced to question its credulity.

Lawyers in kilts because they’re too well hung to wear pants, a questionable time frame for the occurrence, and of course the requisite arrest afterwards all leads me to think that maybe Sinclair isn’t the most believable of sources on this.

This, incidentally, is why I will never run for office.  Not because I’m afraid of things that I have done, but instead because I’m afraid of the things that whackos will say I did just to get a little extra bit of that good old fashioned fame.

And of course, Larry Johnson is totally credulous.  Don’t worry, I’m not linking to that abomination of a blog anymore, but I did think it bore mentioning.  David Weigel does have a point, what the hell did Obama do to guys named Larry?

3 Responses to ““What Is It About Obama And Guys Named Larry?””

  1. John Shreffler says:

    Wait for Curly and Mo. Not all the Stooges have called in yet.

  2. liza says:

    lawyers in kilts?

    anyway, we all knew that having a black as the front-runner would never, ever make things easier. but this is ridonculous.

    / liza

    Liza Sabater, Publisher

  3. Mark says:

    I couldn’t help myself – I had to see what Larry Johnson wrote about this after reading your post I figured it would be good for a laugh, and he didn’t let me down. How can you write a post on this without mentioning the circus-like atmosphere of a press conference where the speaker’s attorney is a disbarred dude in Kilt who claims that he is “too well-hung to wear pants”? Reading through the comments section, it’s pretty clear that Larry Johnson’s fans are now few and far between. Methinks most of his readers nowadays are along the lines of the people who used to hate Howard Stern but listen to him anyways just to hear what he would say next.

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