Who Will Vet Those Who Vet The Vetters?

If you were wondering if the ridiculousness would ever quit, allow me to just go ahead and tell you no right now so you don’t keep getting your hopes up.

Now, the latest smear campaign is that Obama’s not vetting those who will be vetting potential vice presidential nominees well enough.  Are you serious?  As Mark at America Street points out, this is all over a guy who, well, took out some loans and paid them back.

I mean, let me break this down for you nice and slow.  At some point, you’re going to have to accept the fact that people have made mistakes in their lives, and that at somepoint everyone knows someone.  So Obama enlists the help of someone who took out loans from a company he has in the past railed against; does it mean that Obama’s going to put this guy on his cabinet?  No.  Does it mean that all of a sudden he has no credbility on subprime mortgages?  Not really.

It means that he asked for help from someone who took out a loan.  Not even a lobbyist, not even an executive of Countrywide.  Someone who took out a loan.

No, now if you want to see lack of credibility:


And special interests:

So the McCain campaign is the last place that should be talking about whose friends have their fingers dipping into which pots. They’re just going to get embarrassed.

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