Al-Maliki Is Foremost A Politician

As many are, I have been watching the comments coming from Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki with some amusement as he twists John McCain and the Right in knots about US troop withdrawal from Iraq.  Josh Marshall, as one might expect, has numerous posts with all the walkbacks and reverse walkbacks, etc.

But the major point being missed by many is that Al-Maliki really has no choice but to expressly support a US troop withdrawal in the very near future.  Iraqi elections are right around the corner and his electoral opponents are undoubtedly making hay of the continued presence of, to paraphrase them, “an occupying army.”  Al-Maliki will do what he needs to do to pick-up votes that can’t be manipulated in other ways.  Hell, the guy was just passing out cash to voters on the streets of Baghdad.

While this may help Obama – if the media gives it much coverage – I still would warn those on the left to be wary of Al-Maliki.  My belief is that he is taking this position solely out of political necessity.

I gotta admit, though, it sure is fun watching the contortions righties like Patterico are going through, over and over, pushing for a rewrite of what Al-Maliki is saying.  Pat, as Atrios might say, check the kerning, buddy.  I bet  if you do, you’ll ultimately find that Al-Maliki is saying Iraqis love and support John McCain’s policy of “America Forever in Iraq!”

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