Because those Bush tax cuts have already worked wonders!

That’s the argument which John “I was against Bush’s tax cuts before I had to shamelessly pander to the right to become President” McCain offers against any economic plan Obama sets forth: 

“Sen. Obama’s tax increases will hurt the economy even more and destroy jobs across this country,” McCain will say in Denver on Monday, according to prepared remarks.

“At a time of increasing gas and food prices, American families need tax relief and I, not my opponent, will deliver it.”

In other news that McCain would rather you not read, thousands of people have lost their jobs this year alone:

…62,000 jobs were lost brought the total for the first half of the year to 438,000 jobs. Meanwhile, the Institute for Supply Management reported that its measure of the service sector had declined in June. Stock markets, flirting with a bear market, finished another losing week. Oil pushed to a record high. Inflation and foreclosures are up, consumer confidence is down, and administration forecasts for a “strong pace of growth” in the second half of 2008 are look increasingly absurd.

And that economic damage under the Bush administration’s economic policies — which McCain whole–heartedly supports now — came in just half a year.  What else could happen in the next six months?  Well…

Bruised by a deep sales slump and a half-century-low in its stock price, General Motors Corp. is preparing to cut thousands more white-collar jobs and is considering whether it should sell or shutter more of its brands, people familiar with the matter said.

Man, those tax cuts have worked so well to buffer our economy over the past seven years that McCain is willing to give us more of them.  What a swell guy! 

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