Dear Washington Post Editors: Here’s where the story ends

Unless, of course, you can find some more corroborating facts after this point.  But your story that Obama got a home loan discount should have never included this paragraph:

Jumbo loans are for amounts up to $650,000, but the Obamas’ $1.32 million loan was so large that few comparables are available. Mortgage specialists say that many high-end buyers pay cash.

So you’re going to print a story implying that Obama got a discount for mysterious reasons without checking to see if his bank gave discounts to other borrowers who took out the same amount or more. Good going.  You’ve earned my “Stupid Lazy Journalist Hackjobs of the Day” award for this one.

If you don’t have all the facts, you don’t run the story.  Now instead of implying that there’s corruption here — and I’m not saying that there couldn’t be — keep in mind that $1.32 million is a big loan and banks compete to lend such sizable sums.  The least your reporter could have done is spoken with a few banks in the area and said, “If I want to borrow $XX and Bank Y down the street offers me interest rate Z, what would you do?”  Or you could try to find other bank customers with similar size loans and see what their interest rates are. 

You could have done this.  But instead, you run a smear job against Obama — you even had the audacity to name drop Rezko at the end of this article even though he had absolutely nothing to do with the story.

Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick…  The Maverick must be laughing all the way to the latest polls right now. 

Author’s note: The examples presented here may or may not be called “strawman arguments” — it depends on the intellect (or lack thereof) of the reader. 

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