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Matthew Yglesias has some irresistible snark on that fictional border between Iraq and Pakistan.

Domenico Montanaro explains that McCain “probably meant to say the Afghanistan-Pakistan border as they were talking about Afghanistan and there is no Iraq-Pakistan border. ” Montanaro also passes on the Republican defense to McCain’s many flubs:

Republicans have pointed out Obama telling CBS he’d be dealing with Maliki for the next eight to 10 years. They have snarkily said apparently Obama wants to change the Constitution because the most a president can serve is eight years. If Obama were to serve two terms, that would be about eight-and-a-half years from now. Republicans also point out that it’s been 925 days since Obama has been to Iraq, but McCain has been there eight times.

And he still doesn’t know which countries border Iraq.

4 Responses to “Fun With Maps”

  1. gcotharn says:

    From the right, I am not that interested in “57 states” or “8 to 10 years”, except to note the double standard that such statements – if coming from McCain – would be widely promoted as proof of encroaching senility.

    I do think undecided voters might notice a distasteful lack of humility in the “8 to 10 years” assumption of a two term presidency.

    Undecided voters might notice the lack of humility + lack of historical understanding in the Brandenburg Gate + Hitler Columns speech locations.

    Undecided voters might notice the logical fallacy of Obama using European adoration as justification for American votes. Undecided voters might think: We are not Europe. We fled Europe. Thank God we did. From the left – b/c you share European opinion on so many issues: European adoration looks like a wonderful thing. Undecided voters maybe do not share so many European policy opinions as the left does.

    Undecided voters might notice Obama’s ignorant dismissal of Gen. Petraeus’ disagreement with a 16 month timetable(quoting Obama from memory): “The people here in Iraq are interested in doing this job. I have to think of both Iraq and Afghanistan.” Undecided voters might be informed enough to know, as Obama does not, that Gen. Petraeus commands both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Undecided voters might notice that – if Obama is stripped of his illegitimate dismissal of Petraeus as a lackey for Iraq: Obama is then effectively declaring he is more militarily knowledgable about how to withdraw from combat than is Gen. Petraeus. Undecided voters might notice Obama is then also declaring he is more knowledgable than Gen. Petraeus about counterinsurgency conditions on the ground.

    Undecided voters might notice (from a trip interview with Terry Moran of ABC) Obama’s repudiation of hard timetables for withdrawal. Undecided voters might say to themselves: “Obama simply cannot be trusted. No one, not even the kids at Comments From Left Field, knows how Obama will govern. He has repudiated his own positions on 20 issues.”

    The left-side ecstasy of the trip photos and the coming (heh) Euro pep rally goes on, yet I wonder: Will the trip actually help Obama with undecided voters?

  2. gcotharn says:

    And this morning Obama says: “Israel is a strong friend of Israel.” This is completely analagous to McCain’s “Iraq/Pakistan border” gaffe. Does it merit the launch of a thousand posts + much irresistible snark? Nah. Failing to win votes is not about the gaffes. It’s about the blunders.

  3. matttbastard says:

    I see our pet concern troll has yet to scurry back under his bridge.


  4. gcotharn says:

    I visit Kathy’s posts to sample interesting heterogenous thought, and to engage in interesting conversation. It’s why I visited your posting, Matt, one time.

    I don’t define “troll” as someone who disagrees with a blogger. I define it as someone who roils for the purpose of roiling; who does not defend their assertions in good faith – and who really never had intention of doing so.

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