Group of Obscurity

I’m trying to read news coming out of the G8 conference in Japan this week because, well, what the leaders of the US, Germany, Japan, Russia, France, England, Canada, and Italy agree upon should be important news, right?  I’m not so sure, though.  The Group of Eight nations is setup as a meeting of the world’s economic powerhouses — but wouldn’t a meeting of economic powerhouses have to include China and India in order to get anything done?  For an example from the latest conference, the G8 “pledges to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050“.  Which sounds great before you remember that: A) such a pledge will cause the political right of our country to flip out; and B) China and India are soon to be the two largest emitters of greenhouse gasses.  I’m pretty sure we all see how this pledge could work out: Republicans say that it would ruin our economy by giving China an unfair competitive advantage.  

So what’s the point of having a conference where such proclamations are made when all of the nations it effects aren’t at the negotiating table?  Why even have a G8 conference at this time? 

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